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  1. Well my brother obviously likes it. My sister hates it because "your dorky friends always talk to me" (her words not mine) And my parents couldn't care less.
  2. Thats kind of weird because I just noticed this today while I was reading something by Tim.
  3. Hey. I'd say hope to see you in the forums but.... I already do
  4. Welcome to the forums Paul. Hope you stop by more often than not.
  5. I got mine from playing conquerers against some kids online. I sent a small army into their town and they thought that it was my entire army so once they crushed it they sent out their troops. Meanwhile mine was sitting just out f his towns LOS and "BOOM", I destroyed him. After I won he goes "wow, you snuck up on me like a phantom" and I liked it so I kept it. Tweaked slightly ofcourse
  6. I guess the only reason I view it as a bad luck day (this may some odd unless you sometimes find yourself thinking of possible corralations between completly random things while dazing at the movie screen 10 minutes after it is over and everybody has gone up and left), because I only remember bad things that happen on days like these. Today for insance, Friday the 13, I got an A+ on my spanish test, my math class raised the most for a fundraiser so we don't need to have a math final, we got to watch movies instead of working in social studies, I beat everybody in Halo today at school, and I had Chipotle. Now, everday when I get home from whatever, my mom always asks how my day was, usually I tell her something good that has happenned so far, but today, Friday the 13, all I could remember was the one bad thing that happenned(went to see The Butterfly Effect , which would have been good except some kids were getting stoned in the rows behind me).
  7. Oh man, I really wanted to be first at something. Well, theres always tomorrow.
  8. Well then, let me be the first to welcome you to WFG.
  9. You mean Ph4ntom, if so yes. Ph4ntom will do perfectly.
  10. I sent you the PM details Chris I think that I sent it all but do you need anything else??
  11. I was lucky enough to get a twin who does my homework for me
  12. Although I did not read it, it's okay. My friends often go on msn or aim and so some not so nice things to people. Happens to me all the time so I constantly change passwords.
  13. The Emu. If I could ride one to school I would be the coolest kid
  14. Hey ChrisMJ!! Hope you have a great stay here.
  15. One of a Kind- Atmosphere. Also one of my local bands comin out of Minneapolis. Now they can be seen on various places such as MTV and Jimmy Kimmel show.
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