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  1. ooh ooh I know this one SL2 / 4{tan(180/S)} S=sides and L=side lengths(assuming that they would be the same) Did I get it right?
  2. It is worthy of being worshipped of course. Look at my new avatar
  3. Here it is too cold too. Atleast you get to see teh ocean though.
  4. That was the purpose, you'll soon find that people here are very friendly and welcoming
  5. Ah, now your a double posting cheat. How do you sleep at night?
  6. And don't think you won't regret it either, because you will. You just get ready and prepare for your doom, it's gonna be some doom.
  7. Welcome to the forums Attila. Be great to see you around
  8. My post per day won't pass 13.7, no matter how many posts.
  9. Yes, I find myself wondering the same thing.
  10. I have not yet had the opportunity to experience the Passion of the Christ. But I hope that I will soon be able to.
  11. what? I don't understand your question.
  12. Mine isn't up there. My favourite holiday is none other than Halloween. I love that tim eof the year, nice weather, beautiful leaves, the air just 'feels nicer' in the Autumn time.
  13. Hey Uppy, welcome to the forums And don't worry, you'll get the hang if this 'forum thing' soon
  14. W00t I am teh l3adar of the Nazi's, or is that a bad thing <_<
  15. I rarley give them out. Maybe I shall start being more generous. I am one of if not the most charitable people though, that list lies.
  16. hahaha, never heard of that before. Happy Birthday man
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