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  1. Actually Joshua you got it. It got down to -20 degrees ferenheit and some of the pipes cracked water pipes and gas pipes.
  2. I really only have 3 major gripes about school. And I just want to say, these may only apply to my school. 1. Tests. Stupidest thing ever invented. They don't test you on your knowledge they test you on study habits. I think I am one of the few people that share this view but their should be "pop tests". Then you will be tested on what you know. 2. Funding. Public scools these days are way underfunded. Class sizes are too big. 3. Paranoia. Atleast in my school there is way too much of it. They even went as far as to install cameras in the bathrooms. They have cameras all over the place. They have a cop that patrols the place. They do back back searches because everyone know if youhave a back pack you automatically either have drugs or guns in it. Lesser problems------- 1. Teachers. Now, I know it is hard to find good teachers but they should try. Teachers they don't get annoyed easily. Tolerant teachers. 2. My school sucks. Not only are there constant problems with the heating but when I came to school today, around 4 or 5 classes were flooded from pipes.
  3. Well welcome to the forums Runboston. And as Chichi said. It would be great if you introduce yourself
  4. I get about 5 of those everyday in my bulkmail. Never opened it though because I dont know who sent them.
  5. In case nobody noticed. The WFG boards hit 30,000 network posts a little bit ago.
  6. Wow. Reading all of these makes me feel like a boring guy. Besides sit on these forums and do the occasional task upon request from DA I do nothing but lounge. I guess the only hard thing is not to fall asleep all the time.
  7. I said math. I TOTALLY agree with CheeZy. Once you reach a certyain point, the rest is useless, unless you are going to be a specilized in it. Same with science. Do I really need to know where on the periodic table Plutonim is? No.
  8. That one building that SUD posted a link to is awesome looking!
  9. Hye. Welcome to the community. Be sure to stop by the TLA forums and participte in them.
  10. I guess im the plain jane with the haha laugh
  11. I generally like the look of it. Definately (sp?) keep the flames on top.
  12. Hey Dave. Great to see you here!
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