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  1. Well Ill answer seeing as how he is at a cabin for awhile. I am 16 and he is 18 but will be 19 in february.
  2. Wow, thats an awesome idea if you ask me. But, I wouldnt use it to just critique the works of others on this board but the works of all. You could a topic discussing say "the iliad" or "10 reasons to eat chicken"
  3. @Eken, Yes, last samurai is my brother http://forums.wildfiregames.com/wfg/index....?showtopic=1113
  4. I'm sure the would like some more. I would say send them to av_nefardec, the project leader at this email adam@tla.wildfiregames.com
  5. I took my spanish final today. And am taking the english and biology final tomorrow. As far as studying goes. I like to relax the night before on these good ol' forums. Never studied for a test in my life.
  6. I would say mine was last year in 9th grade. My friend and I were having a milk drinking contest, to see how many little cartons we could drink during lunch. Well, I had 8.5 and my friend had 6. But after lunch I got super sick from it, and in fourth period, english, I threw up once in the garbage can. No one saw me except for one of my friends sitting next to me. My plan was to just act like nothing happened and move the garbage can into the corner and deny everything about it. But, I had to throw up again, and I did. This time not only did the teacher hear it but so did everyone else in the class. So, my teacher told me to go to the nurses office. It just so happened that both of the assistamt princaples were in the hallway outside my classroom. Need;ess to say, when I walked out they asked to see my pass, and when one of them noticed the garbage can and its contents she told me to go to the nurses office. When I got there I threw up one more time. And, guess what, my friend was in there too. So, the princaples heard about why I was so sick and "asked to speak with me." When I was in his office, I threw up yet again. So, he sent me back to the nurses office and told me he would call me down forth period. And so, fourth period rolled around, and sure enough, I heard my name on the announcements. When I went down there, I saw an ambulance. My friend had to go to the hospital to get his stomach pumped, so the princaple wasn't too pleased with me. While I was being yelled at, I started laughing really hard, and when he asked why I was laughing, I simply pointed to the wall. There was a sign haging that said "drink milk" to which I said irony is funny. But, as a result I got three days lunch detention.
  7. Am I the only one that would like the community crier to be longer?
  8. Hey Tim, just go to this site http://www.crh.noaa.gov/pub/metcon.shtml
  9. Hey Road Warrior...Welcome to the forums!
  10. In Minnesota it is actually quite nice out. I think the high was around 30 and the low for tonight I think I saw like 10 or so. Nice temperatures
  11. Wait I don't get it. What would it be about, if it is differnrt from the crier?
  12. Welcome to the forums. Hope to see you in the TLA community
  13. Welcome to the forums. Hope to see you in the Green Dragon
  14. I think I can explain...He is crazy
  15. Geez Zack... You make me seem all...Pathetic
  16. Hey Zack....Its Ph4ntom without the A
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