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  1. Haha I'm not a wigger. A wigger is someone who wears like fubu and ecko and sean john. That is rollerblading clothes I am wearing. Denial clothing
  2. Thanks Irishtag And Eken...Im pretty sure its me...not positive though J/K its me
  3. OK, my angelfire account was deleted for some reason...So I had to register a new one But, now for the moment you have all waited for...really! http://www.angelfire.com/ns2/ph4ntom1/me3.jpg enjoy again
  4. Ill just be blading in Minneapolis as usual
  5. For Latin you can go to conjuguemos.com and get practice with verbs tha you already know, but it wont help you if you dont already know some of it.
  6. There, fixed it and you need to scroll down to see it.
  7. All right, heres the moment all you ladies have been waiting for (and I guess some of you guys). The one and only Sam. http://www.angelfire.com/ns2/ph4ntom/me.jpg NOTE: Scroll down all the way to see it, I dont know why it did that.Bottom left corner.
  8. Welcome the WFG and good luck with the project
  9. I have no idea but I would say so, they are tape
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