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  1. I've had a couple. - Working construction with my dad. - Mowing lawns - Some various jobs helping this old rich couple garden (pays good!) Thats it.
  2. Sweet I guess You have your cat food outside?
  3. Well, just like it sounds, what is in your fridge. I just have some peanut butter, jelly/jam, leftover chinese (always best heated up) and a LOT of Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew.
  4. Welcome Dest, hope to see you around the forums.
  5. OK guys, back on topic now... I'll go with Amy and say interesting topics.
  6. In about October when I first got around to visiting these forums.
  7. Sure, I lift weights, do curl-ups, and push-ups every day.
  8. I actually find that most of Americans (atleast by me) are pretty dumb. I didn't find this offensive in the least.
  9. Hamburgers are gross unless they are from my old Junior High. McDonald's is nasty
  10. I never had a shard of homework all year, so thats why.
  11. It is http://www.reverieentertainment.net/
  12. Nice screenshots. I really like the horse-guys it them.
  13. I sense a little paranoia Tim? I really don't know what people say behind my back either... hopefully only good things
  14. I also sae some stuff for "KIng Arthur and teh Knights of the Round Table" when I saw Troy, that looks like a great movie too.
  15. The AOK Trigger studio is another great tool for AOKC. It allows you to make scenarions without even having the gamne on. I like it alot.
  16. I got a party to go to. Some kids at school are throwing it, should be fun.
  17. Randy: Esperanto - An artificial international language with a vocabulary based on word roots common to many European languages and a regularized system of inflection.
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