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  1. Hey Yiuel, welcome to the forums. 3 languages, thats impressive, I am working on my second. How people manage to keep all that memorized is beyond me. Enjoy your stay at the forums.
  2. Hey Mr. Wolf, I have seen you at the DGDN forums before. You should post some screen shots in the gaming discussion forums of some of your eye candy. Hope to see you around again.
  3. I have straight A's. And I havent done a shred of homework all year, nor have I studied for a test...ever.
  4. You probably should have censored a few more there Alex.
  5. None of my teachers are giving finals, except for spanish...w00t Math-no final social-no final gym-no fianl spanish-fial
  6. Eggs with potatoes and meat, the best. I have eggs all the time. 5 a week is a good estimate.
  7. Bring my computer to the library and download it there...T1 connection.
  8. Ah, Happy Birthday Mr. Fellow Minnesotan Have a good one!
  9. Dell all the way!! We have bought 5 comps now (soon a 6th) and they give us huge deals on the stuff because we always buy from them. Plus they make other great products (they're MP3 play for example)
  10. Well, ya know what they say: "to each his own","Different strokes for different folks" and so on I would wait awhile (2 yrs) so I could move out. Then I would buy a house in either norther MN or Norther CA. Then I would live conservatively with the left.
  11. Hey Vallon, welcome to the forums
  12. Cheers Stuart Heres to many more years!
  13. I will come and get you Matt, but you have to pay.
  14. AK_Thug, take it from a fellow thug, go to Chipotle, it is awesome.
  15. And me I am with Amy and support Randy fully Keep it up man.
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