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  1. Everyone go to Chipotle tomorrow, mom's eat free
  2. Nope, I like to boost my self esteem with things like that Here is the link for Brian's avatar http://www.pcgamesonline.com/~ph4ntom/sam0wnsbrian.JPG Note...Theses are hosteb br Chris at www.pcgamesonline.com
  3. Oh Hey Billy. I like you too I would love to attend your family dinner tomorrow night, just as long as your mom ins't cooking.
  4. If any one wants an avatar hosted, you can PM me, I will be glad to host it for you.
  5. Death to Angelfire!!! They screwed me over countless # of times.
  6. 4 euros, isnt that like 4.80 in USD? I wouild suggest Paypal Zezar, sending money all that way may not be wise.
  7. Yees, you do. Go there, then report back to me in o 15 minutes
  8. You can get beans on it Here is what you can get Meat--> Chicken, steak, Beef, Pork Rice Beans-->Black, pinto Cheese Guacomole Salsa-->Hot, medium, mild Lettuce Corn Peppers and onions Sour cream
  9. Yes, but do not get the tacos, they come in threes and are too small and nto filling, get the burrito, trust me
  10. Thats true... find one, and eat there, you won't be dissapointed.
  11. The worst injury I have had is a fractured arm. I got it from skating. I broke (maybe it wasn't broken but it was bad) one of my pinky's too, from skating
  12. *Dissapointed that his name was misspelled..again* I'm suprised that last_samurai is even on here...he almost never visits anymore.
  13. I think he means when you hit tab it actually does the normal 'tab effect' = Non breaking space
  14. I meant I wear 70's 'maximum short' shorts in gym I sag everywhere else.
  15. Oh, and yes there is, I wear them for gym class, get all the ladies I simply sag my pants for steez.
  16. Either I am crazy or you edited your post, maybe I read something never existed...
  17. Hahaha.. I don't care who yuo are, that's funny. No offence Bobby, but I couldn't disagree with you more.
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