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  1. Hey there Mr. dathui. It is av not ad And welcome to the forums.
  2. Hmmm, guess I'll take this oppurtunity to thank him again, it has been a great help with your hosting.
  3. Yep, I'm Sam! Haha, Yes, I am fine, just the cuts and bruises.
  4. www.chipotle.com I went there today. It was good.
  5. While I was hiking yesterday there was this one 'ravine' that had a big old tree stretched across it. I thought I could go up there and jump up and down on it to break it down. Well it was a 20 foot drop from teh tree to the bottom of the 'ravine'. After about 5-10 mins of jumping I finnaly broke through it. Athough it didn't go exactly as planned. It broke allright, but at the wrong place. Here is what happened. And that went to this Basically, ouch. I have a cut the size of Rhode Island on my back and a HUGE scrape on my behind from the jagged stump. All images hosted by Chris at www.pcgamesonline.com
  6. I think he means that it will be coloed orange.
  7. Hey Aubrey, welcome to the forums.
  8. Did you get one Matt? I hope you finally wised up and did And if so, please don't tell me you got the tacos.
  9. Wow!! My name sometimes get confused for Matt too
  10. Hey Calefaction. I bet you will fit in nicely here. Welcoem to the forums
  11. Jordan, let me introduce you to my good friend www.Rolling Edits.com http://www.rollingedits.com/edit_uploads/K...lexBroskow.mpeg http://www.rollingedits.com/edit_uploads/p...hrisHaffey.mpeg Those two are probably the best rollerblading has to offer right now. After you watch those, vert is laughable. It's curious why you would say that though, as any skateboarder I have talked to (and that is a lot of really good ones) would say the opposite. Personal preference?
  12. Hmmm... I am going to ignore that...Vert skating is for babies...Trust me. And skating is a lot easier when you sag IMO. And I know I'm not the only believer of that. And thanks fo rthe compliments. I will post more when I take more.
  13. Hello everybody, and welcome to the "Adventures in Rollerblading" Thread. All pictures graciously hosted by Chris at http://www.pcgamesonline.com Here I will post some of the pictures that I took today. They are of my two friends skating and one of me. Enjoy ***Note-These pictures do not violate the CG's in anyway shape or form. Here is Brett doing a Unity to drop--> Here is Brett again doing unity to royale to drop, this time from a different angle--> Here is Billy doing a backside Royale on the flat bank rail--> Brett agian doing a top-porn to backside-backslide(pictured) to budget tru-top-porn--> Billy doing a Mizou to royale to tru-top-soyale(pictured)--> Brett again doing a top-soul to tru-top-soyale (pictured) to 0-soul 360 hardspin Hope you enjoyed the pictures. If you guys like them I wil post more as I take more
  14. I want some chocolates. You can make millions off of this.
  15. Suprising though, as they are owned by McDonald's
  16. There doesn't seem to be a lot of them except in MN. I have about 6 around me
  17. OT: Seems all of you west-coasters are out of touch with teh world
  18. Nope, it is not sausage. Chipotle is the name of the restaurant, named after a pepper. They serve burritos, tacos, and nachos. You can get rice, beans, meat, peppers, salsa, corn, lettuce, cheese, and guacomole. Don't count on eating there if you are health concious as it is one of teh unhealthiest restaurants in America. If I keep eating them at the rate I am now, I'll have a heart-attack in liek 5 yrs
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