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  1. Heres my schedule Quarter1: -hr1: C++ Programming A -hr2: Geometry A -hr3: Creative Writing -hr4: American History A Quarter2: -hr1: Health -hr2: Geometry B -hr3: World Classics (referring to novels) -hr4: American History B Quarter3: -hr1: Great Leaders in Battle -hr2: Chemistry A -hr3: English 11A -hr4: Furniture/Cabinet Making Quarter4: -hr1: C++ Programming B -hr2: Chemistry B -hr3: English 11B -hr4: Commercial Art/ Graphics Desing
  2. Yeah, pics like this just do so much to the humour of the threads
  3. When I saw the first pic, I immediatey thought Russel Crowe for some reason. I have one of those books in my personal library... OK OK, it's one of my brothers...
  4. try this game on for size: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/pparkgame.html Super fun and sorta hard.
  5. Thats my sister's dream car. But I was all..pshhaw, I'm not cruising around in that.
  6. How about my mom's van... <_< soon, a Pontiac Bonneville
  7. Cool pics. Looks like an amazing view from up there.
  8. Definately a close call between a filmmaker or a game developer. By the time it matters though, I'll have great expierience in both!
  9. I say horrible because 51 condoms:30 Days - AND they had to ship in more because of a shortage. Thats 2 a day almost everyday.... And I dont know about you, but girls that 'get around' that much, no matter how attractive they are...
  10. That is horrible... but extremely funny. "are expected to go for gold in the bedroom"- LoL I hope half of the athletes threw some of theirs out to look cool because 51 apiece! Atleast there won't be a shortage on future olympians
  11. OK then I am 16 turning 17 on Spetember 7th. Going into 11th grade and taking mostly computer realated classes (C++, HTML/wed stuff, and graphics classes). I live in a suburb of Minneapolis/ St. Paul. And I like Chipotle more than most.
  12. I was on the local news once...a new park opened and I was there playing on the park. I was I think 5 and all i said was "wee" while swinging
  13. I prefer livin' in the 'burbs. 1) Driving in big cities like Minneapolis is just annoying. 2) You actually have a backyard, as opposed to cramped (most of the time anyways) houses packed next to eachother in the big cities. 3) You can have bondfires in your yard without having to buy permits 4) You can go to the cites anytime you want and still do whatever.
  14. I only use it for the programming meetings too.
  15. The answer is yes, do I regret it? yes. That place is full of people that are so depressed it's disgusting. Its a bunch of "Oh, my life isnt worth it anymore"'s and "Im so hardcore, Ill end it if you tell me too"'s
  16. Mine is piss poor, I've had to wear glasses since i was in 3rd grade and now I can't read tehe computer monitor which is like 1 ft from my face without my glasses.
  17. He is asking how many conversations can you have at the same time. I'd say no more than 2, I find it really anoying when I'm talking to someone and they don't respond in "a timely fashion", so I try and avoid doing that to other people.
  18. It happened to me with a pair of jeans once...
  19. Or, you could do like me and go to sleep at 5 and not get up until 3, just in time to watch Little House on teh Praire
  20. Don't listen to Bobby he doesn't know what he's talking about Summer sucks, you don't get to see people as often.
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