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  1. I sleep face first so I cant breathe well and get light headed.
  2. I think that means you two are going to get married now
  3. It gets dark here at 4:30 now so I missed it by a longshot.
  4. Well...turkey or pie?! I likes me some pumpkin pie
  5. Chads just not that smart....at all. And I personally couldnt be more proud of that one guy who was the first to throw a fist at that lame fan. He deserved everything he got, and it's a shame that someone pulled him off before he could throw a few more punches. I really enjoyed the expresion on the guy's face when he knew he was getting it.
  6. This sure is nice. i wonder what happens when you ramble on to 2 lines though? Anyone else curious? If so, your about to find out what happens. I bet it doesnt work, but then again, I could be wrong. Also, I have work tomorrow. The end.
  7. Its nice to like see you here, like, on WFG
  8. Im going to buy those undies and wear them around.
  9. If I had that kind of money at my disposal, I'd buy much stupider things than that.
  10. almost 18 not! i just turned 17. Bet I had you going there, didn't I?
  11. Haha, Ryan just showed me this hilarious site. I think a lot of you should find this very amusing as well. So go here and laugh heres one of my favourites
  12. These are rubik's cubes I have never solved one, and never will. I get too frustrated when trying them .
  13. Im not getting that problem. Are you deleting your cookies each night ?
  14. I'm suprised no one commented on the new screenshot yet Cheers Nate I know you've been working really hard on getting it up, looks great.
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