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  1. Well I couldn't do it, I gave in. And at exactly 7:54 today, I indulged in Chipotle once more.
  2. Ha airsoft guns are nothing but trouble. Last summer me and a couple buddies got bored, so we were playing airsoft down a road throgh our car windows and sun roofs. One person would drive, then there would be a some shooting out the windows at eachother. Pretty soon we had EVERY cop car in town on us. It was cool though, only kids ever to have each line at the police station busied
  3. If anyone is curious I have about 10 incidents I can remember involving police, state troopers, k9...
  4. Today, after 13 straight days of Chipotle I am giving it up until september the seventh! After having had it 16 times in 13 days, spending 112$, its time to draw the line.
  5. It hit 101 F today in Minneapolis. The pavement at work today was boiling.
  6. Actor: - Actress: - Movie: The Village or LotR Color: Green Band: Either The Shins or The Delays Book: Fellowship of the Ring Food: Chipotle Burrito
  7. I had a very similar expierience on the 4th of July with a police explorer.
  8. Standardized tests suckkkkkkkk. I was one of the kids who just made designs in the bubbles then slept :-P I actually got an entire canoe right!
  9. I want to know who the badass was that got to read the Pope his last rights...?
  10. Today at work ( a grocery store), one of the kids got on the loudspeaker and said that the store will be closing in 15 minutes, and didnt say april fools. It was soo awesome, since there were no bad managers working, so they didnt care...all teh customers left, and I didnt have to do any work for the rest of the night :-D
  11. I saw that a little while back and tried to donate, but he closed his paypal account.
  12. When I was in sixth grade, my gym teacher hit me in the right pinky finger nail and it hasn't grown since.
  13. Well, when I get home, I have a lot of choices to what to do for the day. I can A) go hang out with friends do my homework C) Go skate D) none of the above. And you know what, I get D, know why? Because I am grounded for the next 6 months... So what do I do when I get home... take some sleeping pills and sleep... Just so I can wake up, go to school, and come home and do it all over again.
  14. I saw on the news a couple days back that 13 pounds of Opium was busted on its way to my home town
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