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  1. Mon - Friday: School, home, party, home, computer, sleep. But if I have work then its work instead of party. Saturday- Sunday: Party, work OR work, party
  2. Just got semester 1 report cards back yesterday. Seems it's dropped it 3.26 now
  3. I hardly see how self defense is considered illegal
  4. I would have turned around and jacked them in the face....
  5. No way! I have 25$ riding on them losing!!!!
  6. Because yesterday, Saturday January 22nd, I, Sam Carlton, ate a $75 dollar meal. It was good stuff... yup
  7. Cap is the population cap, the amount of units a player can own/have at any one time.
  8. We finally got snow here. I think about a foot fell within 6 hours or so here. And after 17 years of having it, I was missing it for awhile here.
  9. I failed math 2 years and I'm still in Geometry
  10. How could I like it?!?!!? Because it is THE best food ever made...simply put. I just got back from there too Nothing beats Chipotle Date Night
  11. There really wasn't even a need to cancel because it only got down to -8 But what do I care... 4 day weekend
  12. Randy, please move in with me and always talk like that....
  13. Why wouldnt you want to be in a water balloon fight with santa?!
  14. Thanks to the big sissy's at district headquarters, school has been cancelled for me tomorrow :P Basically they dont want kids going out in -20 and below weather. so.... no school !!! http://www.sowashco.k12.mn.us/
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