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  1. I think you should add a NPC named Caligula and he just randomly goes around attacking civilians. :-P this is a joke by the way (not a bad idea for a future Campaign map though lol)
  2. Add the Holy Grail to the game somebody lol. what about "Imperial Destiny: The Rise of Rome" ?? ppl love that #$@! ;-P
  3. How about " 0 A.D.: "In the age of gods and blood" ? or something along those lines
  4. Mind over matter, I dont mind and you dont matter. ;-P

  5. Can't wait to see the next build. When I have free time I am going to make a map of the ancient world with the map editor but ill prob wait til the Romans come out, or try to make a script where the Romans randomly invade other countries from Rome and the only way to stop them is to conquer the city, but that will take me a few weeks to script and I don't know the source codes you guys use or anything but it should be fun. I loved the Rome mod you guys did for Age of Empires.
  6. One last thing, someone should make enemies of Rome on Crusifix's or something as "Gaia World Art" ..ya know in case someone wants to make campaigns or what not.
  7. Wow, I check this site every 3 to 4 years and I am impressed. I downloaded the 2011 Alpha version, nice game..bugs aside it is very well done. Too bad Romans are not a playable faction. ;-P great job guys, keep up the work!!!
  8. I have been following this game since the Rome at War mods, it has been years in the making and it looks almost complete... I also understand that people can't spend every waking moment on a game... but is the vision of 0 A.D. really not going to be released now? after all these years?! DADDY NOOOO!!!
  9. Been awhile since I checked up on this game and its progress. Guys have been around forever. Hope all is well? -MJM182
  10. Hola all I am Majicman182 and I have been a Oad fan since Rome at War came out for AoK. I havnt really posted alot on your forums if I had posted anything but the love is still there. I am 21 years old and I do a lot of side projects such as artwork and graphic designs. I look forward to see where this project will be at in a year or so, and I am willing to help if asked for my views on historical "jargen". In conclusion, I lurk the forums and read your post(s) comrades, but I really don't involve myself in your topics or discussions. ~*~M a J i C m A n 1 8 2~*~
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