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  1. Hello. Just stumbled by here becasue i was researching free ware game develping and there you guys were. I am trying to start my own place like this. This place is the @#$%. Mark
  2. Hello My name is Mark Sims. What this topic is about is simple. If you have ever been interested in making your own rts game then talk to me. I am looking for some good, dedicated people to help make our own rts. This team will be much like you have over at Reverie Entertainment or here at Wildfire Games. You will not be paid but you will have the bonus of making the game of your dreams. The goal is to research the making and developing stages. Recruit some 3d modelers and programmer, musicians, game developers, consultants, web master and so on. If you think that you are one of the few that would be interested in helping here and have some expierience in some of these fields then please e mail me. RtsGamer24@yahoo.com
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