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  1. Very nice. Reminds me a bit of playing Lords of the Realm 2
  2. I agree. So the current Saxon faction's buildings and units could be based on Anglo-Saxons, and once there are more units/buildings based on continental Saxons (if there is interest in making graphics for them), they could be split off.
  3. Ah, I didn't know. Yes, in that case I think renaming the civ to "Anglo-Saxons" would be optimal to better reflect what the faction is about.
  4. The Angles were not local, they (together with the Jutes) went to Britain from Germania. In any case, the Anglo-Saxons did mix heavily with the locals; in fact the English are mostly descended from the island's native inhabitants (they do have significant Germanic ancestry but it is minoritary). What happened was above all conquest followed by assimilation; the quantity of settlers was not massive enough to replace the indigenous population. Many of the Modern White British people have only 30% From this BBC article:
  5. That brings up a good question. I don't think we can consider the Anglo-Saxons and the Saxons to be the same people, since the former were strongly culturally intermixed with Angles and (to a lesser extent) Jutes and British Celts. In fact, given their language, it seems probable that the Angle cultural heritage was predominant rather than the Saxon one.
  6. I've found an open-air museum which has a nicely reconstructed Saxon settlement: http://openarchaeology.info/venues/freilichtmuseum-sachsenhof-greven-de http://www.heimatverein-greven.de/ The settlement is a Saxon village belonging to the 600-800 AD period. The village's main dwelling: The pit house: The barn (front, side and back): The source for these pictures are the two links I gave in the beginning of the post.
  7. I agree, tech pairs are a good idea. There could be a series of "law" upgrades from which the player has to choose one out of a pair or triad. I mention them being "law" upgrades because conceptually, I think it would make the most sense if those upgrade options were related to elements like laws which a nation has to choose to go one way or the other, while technology is generally accrued. Although one can focus on one area of technology at the expense of others, that is already represented by spending resources for one technology rather than another. IMO it makes little sense that having obtained knowledge about some sort of tool would forbid you to learn about another sort of tool later on. One example of such an "law" upgrade choice could be related to the labor system, with the player being able to choose "Free Workers" or "Slavery". It could also be good to allow such law upgrade choices to be changed later on, by investing in the other upgrade (paying full cost for it and losing the one you had acquired previously).
  8. You've got skills and dedication 0 AD is better than many released RTS games out there already, and it is in alpha. Plus, given the game's moddability, it would be fairly straightforward for someone to make a rebalance mod that is more to their liking.
  9. niektb has already subscribed me through GitHub, so I should already be getting the notifications for the next commits, but thanks anyway! Of course; sent you a PM now.
  10. I've sent you a couple of references for Saxon units/buildings by PM (I didn't want to post those images here since it may get me into trouble sharing such copyrighted material publicly); I hope this helps!
  11. Well in that case, thank you then, I will accept it I've sent you a PM with my email.
  12. Thank you niektb, that's quite kind of you But I don't want to give too much trouble for such a thing, I'll simply keep checking the repo manually then.
  13. I agree that it is best to have the game released when it's more complete, specially since Steam visibility is very front-loaded (that is, you get most of your visibility at release). But to my knowledge, if it is an "early access" game, you still get to be on the front page after you change it from "early access" to release. So you can have it as "early access" and when it's feature complete release it and have it on the front page. And in any case, if you put the game on Steam Greenlight, there is no commitment regarding when to make it available on Steam - you can do that whenever you want, while already having being able to familiarize yourself with the process of getting it on Steam. I don't mean to pressure you or anything, I just love this game and would find it great to see it on Steam I think I've made my point so I'll stop now
  14. I've already done both, but I think it only notifies me of releases. It's not notifying me of commits either in the GitHub dashboard or via email =/
  15. I haven't made the jump to Linux... maybe someday I will Thanks for the link, I will take a look!
  16. I think it would be good to put it already before reaching beta. 0 AD is already in a very playable state, and Steam has the "early access" option for games anyhow. The added visibility from Steam could also really help getting more contributors. Anyhow, you don't need the Steam API to make use of auto-updating. I have put the open-source game I develop on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/370070 Here is another example of an open-source game on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/404410/ If you want more information about the process of getting an open-source game on Steam, feel free to PM me.
  17. By the way, is there a way to be notified of every commit to the GitHub repository?
  18. If only the game were on Steam Then the update process would be much more convenient for users. I know the game's still in alpha, but it could be "early access" on Steam.
  19. I agree. Wooden roofs would make sense for more important/advanced structures, while straw roofs would be used for normal houses and many of the common structures. These look great!
  20. Hmm, I tried that map out, but I can't see any fog. Maybe I have a required setting for the fog disabled?
  21. Thank you! Does that fog appear everywhere in 0 AD (I've never noticed it), or only in certain locations? If the former, then removing it entirely would likely be preferable for the isometric mode, while for the latter just toning it down (that is, increasing its transparency) should work nicely.
  22. IMO the main issue is that your settlement growing isn't represented by well by a research. It would make more sense if the phase functionality were instead attached to upgrading the city center building itself (i.e. Village Hall -> City Hall -> Palace).
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