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  1. Does 0 AD's engine support using animated sprites for units and buildings instead of models? Thanks in advance
  2. Alternatively, XP could be given when a unit is killed to units of the killer's player within a certain radius of the dead unit.
  3. I'm sorry I confused you for a bot =P
  4. My guess is that that is a bot and it copied that message from another topic in this forum.
  5. I think the biggest issue with AoEO is that everything was simply too darn expensive. 20 dollars for one civilization IIRC.
  6. How about each player (other than the spy's owner) seeing the female spy with the graphics of one of its own female units?
  7. I think Thracians would work best as a mini-civ, i.e. with a neutral building that players could hire Thracian units from. That would drastically reduce the work-load necessary to have them in the game.
  8. I suppose ideally it would be Gaulish for the Gauls and Brittonic (or Old Welsh) for the Britons, but Gaelic would be a great improvement over them speaking Greek. I don't see any issues with using modern Scottish Gaelic, since it's already much better than what's used at the moment for the Celtic civilizations (Greek).
  9. I think it would be a good idea to use Latin for Celtic factions, since it is more closely related to Celtic languages than Greek is.
  10. Indeed, I think the same. The templates are great to avoid work duplication.
  11. There is? I haven't really noticed much placeholder art (only a few structures repeat graphics of others). Is there a list of buildings with placeholder art?
  12. Yup, that's pretty much what I had in mind too Why do you think it would be difficult to research ancient names, though? The civilizations present in the game all either had writing, or had direct contact with cultures that had writing, so it shouldn't be very hard to get names for them.
  13. It would be very nice and add to the immersion of the game if units had individual names. Has this been discussed before?
  14. Did you find sources for the appearance of Frankish clergy? I've looked around a lot for that but couldn't find anything.
  15. Did you see the Frankish references I posted in the message? I can provide sources for them if you want, too.
  16. Thanks About the angle, it's because of the building height. The gameplay uses a top-down tile grid, and building graphics should preferentially remain inside the tile boundaries they occupy gameplay-wise, and we want to use a tilted view for the graphics rather than top-down so that more of the buildings and units can be seen by the player. For that reason the Roman Forum, since it is relatively tall, works better in that 60 degree angle. For the other buildings, Jinn modeled them in Google Sketch-Up and then modified the angle until he felt it fit well; and then worked on the rendered result pixel by pixel to get the final graphics.
  17. Yes; to my knowledge AI names are the only part of 0 AD in which personal names are used (other than heroes, who are a lot more than just names). Alright, I'll get my hands on it EDIT: Done.
  18. I have lists with Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse names, which I've recently compiled. I believe this could be useful for the mod, i.e. as AI names. I think it would be nice to include as many names of historical rulers as possible to the AI names, to add diversity and make it less likely that the player will encounter the same name multiple times. Shall I make a pull-request adding those?
  19. I think it was a great idea to rename this civilization to "Anglo-Saxons", it makes it much clearer what it is about.
  20. I've commissioned an artist (Jinn) to modify a render of 0 AD's Roman Forum to look more like pixel art in style (for my open-source 2D RTS, Wyrmsun), and I thought you guys could find the results interesting: As you can see, he also did an under-construction frame based on the final structure. Perhaps that can be useful to you as a concept if you do under-construction graphics for the buildings later on. And here's a screenshot of how the forum looks like in-game:
  21. Very nice. Reminds me a bit of playing Lords of the Realm 2
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