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  1. I think Total War style campaigns don't go very well with a RTS: Total War battles are much more limited in scope (at most a single city is represented) being Real-Time Tactics, while RTS missions include multiple towns, and their time span is greater, too. Anyhow, that's my opinion
  2. I would love to see a Germanic faction. I will also be eagerly awaiting for the expansion
  3. I would like to suggest anglicizing some names (but not translating them), in order to make them easier to read. In particular, it seems to me that it would be better if the diacritic/accent marks were removed. For instance: naming the Greek Hoplite "Hoplites Hellenikos". I only know the norms of anglicization from old Scandinavian languages, but if anyone knows the norms of anglicization of Greek and etc. names, that would be even better than just removing the accent marks.
  4. I was thinking more something along the line of a series of historical scenarios (like the campaigns in AoE), rather than a campaign map like that. I have found some historical battle scenarios in the maps which are more along the lines of what I'm looking for. Thanks for the help!
  5. I know that the game so far has no campaigns which come packed with it, but does the game allow the community to create their own campaigns?
  6. Despite its flaws, AoEO was an interesting game, because of the persistent aspects, which made the player feel like they were building something. The civilizations also felt much more unique than in the original AoE, which is a good thing. The cartoony graphics, as has already been mentioned, were a major put-off. There was also too little focus on history - in the original AoE, you got interesting historical information in mission briefings, as well as after completing a mission, and there was even more historical information in the help file. Historical information wasn't pushed onto the players - you could always skip it if you wanted, but it was there, which enriched the game. The AoEO missions were also often grindy and boring - they took significant time to complete, and yet didn't provide much of a sense of accomplishment, not because the gameplay rewards weren't significant, but mostly because they advanced the story too little, and the way storylines were told in the game was also not as appealing as in the AoE campaigns. The gameplay of AoEO was sound, and there was obviously a good amount of historical research behind the units and etc. But ultimately, the cartoony graphics and the uninteristing way in which campaign stories were told deeply flawed the game.
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