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  1. At present the names are already heavily mixed. The Gaulish Fortress is named "Dun" (a Gaelic word), while other structures/units have Welsh names, and others, like the Taberna and Cavalidos, use neither Gaelic nor Welsh names. I don't think using Gaulish names would decrease consistency, specially since they fit reasonably well with some of the names already used (like Melonas and Amoridas), which are either in Latin or in Gaulish itself. For the Britons, Welsh is a bit too modern IMO, and using actual Brythonic where possible would be better.
  2. Thanks for the explanation! I have a few Gaulish words noted down here, based on which I would suggest the following specific names: Temple: "Nemeton" (means "temple"). Source: H. Munro Chadwick, "The Oak and the Thunder-God", 1900, p. 34. Field: "Olca" (means "arable land"). Source: Guus Kroonen, "Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic", 2013, p. 125. Woman: "Geneta" (means "girl"). Source: Guus Kroonen, "Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic", 2013, p. 288. The current name for the Temple is "Addoldy", which is supposedly Welsh, as said in this topic: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/317-celtic-stuff/&tab=comments#comment-2916 The current names for the Field ("Varmo") and for the Woman ("Bodu") are not Welsh-sounding, but I could not find an explanation for them anywhere. Should I create a pull request?
  3. The Gaulish specific names for structures and units seem to mostly be in Welsh or Gaelic, instead of in Gaulish. Are those languages used for the specific names just because it was simpler to find names in them, or is there a deeper reason to it?
  4. A simple solution to barracks spamming would be making certain buildings (like the barracks) increase in cost exponentially for each building of the same type that the player already owns. For example, the barracks increasing 25% in resource costs for each one built (the 25% being compounded with each other, not added to one another).
  5. I'm not sure I am familiar enough with the code base to produce one, but I took a look at the code, and this could work: float((m_PitchLower * 100.0f + source % (int((m_PitchUpper - m_PitchLower) * 100.0f) + 1)) / 100.0f) (replacing the call to RandFloat in line 207 of /source/soundmanager/scripting/SoundGroup.cpp)
  6. Cool! Are archery ranges, stables and siege workshops going to be added for most or all civilizations, then? When I click the link for them, I get the following message "You do not have permission to view this content."
  7. That's a good idea. A solution could be to use the modulo operator on the entity ID, with the quantity of different pitches. The resulting number then would be used to select the pitch for that entity. It would no longer be randomized, but it feel random in most cases, and it would automatically be bound to the entity ID.
  8. Hmm, you're right, it's not too bright per se... maybe I had that impression due to it potentially having more contrast instead, which would make the brightness be more apparent.
  9. Somehow I get the feeling that the new graphics don't have the same charm as the original ones... not sure exactly why. Perhaps they seem a bit too bright, and sort of blurry.
  10. That's not a good move on their part... the likely result is that the players who wanted to play single-player instead simply won't try the game out anymore.
  11. Indeed. "They grew apart" is such a weak explanation to give for a studio being shut down by its owner.
  12. The tooltips when hovering over units/buildings seem a bit annoying IMO. They should probably contain just the name of the unit and its owner, rather than all that information. It even contains the unit's cost, which is useless in that circumstance.
  13. 9th Age seems to have their own CC license, though. Couldn't that lead to license incompatibility? For example, the civilization definition would be written in a JSON file, and those are under the GPL in 0 AD (not sure if they even could be under another license considering how they interconnect with the engine's code). How could you, then, incorporate content that is under the 9th Age license (i.e. country and character names) in such JSON files?
  14. One nice thing about Conan the Barbarian is that much of it is in the public domain now. Names like "Conan the Barbarian" are trademarked though.
  15. I've played neither of those. Is that a good or a bad thing?
  16. It is nice to see AoE4 being announced, but I can't really say the video made me excited about it. It not only had no gameplay footage, but it didn't even include any basic information about the game.
  17. Thank you! It's very nice to read such warm words I will think on what you have said.
  18. It could be an interesting addition, but there is also the trade-off that it adds complexity. I liked how the Imperialism series went about textiles as resources; you needed them to recruit workers, soldiers and and pre-steam ships. In 0 AD the resource could be used for "person" units (but not siege engines and such), and ships that use sails. But again, there is the trade-off of increased complexity from an added resource, so whether it would be worth it is an open question. The best way to go about it IMO is to create a mod which adds that resource, and see how it plays out.
  19. Unfortunately, that license is only free in the sense of "at no cost", but not in the sense of intellectual freedom. It is not an open-source license, and unfortunately isn't compatible with CC licenses. The license is very explicitly anti-open-source; to quote from the website: "Redistribution: Most uses (including games made with Unity and Unreal) are acceptable for redistribution because the 3D files are part of a larger creation and not in an open format. Giving away the 3D model file itself is not allowed."
  20. Yes, that's pretty much what I was thinking And I'm glad you like the idea of having the game on Pyrogenesis!
  21. I had seen screenshots of 0 AD with isometric view, and indeed it looks stunning Unfortunately, having everything in 3D (even if we managed to give the 3D models the somewhat cartoonish look of the sprites Wyrmsun uses) would require redeveloping A LOT of assets for Wyrmsun, which isn't really feasible.
  22. I hadn't read that yet, actually, thanks for showing it to me! It's pretty interesting, specially the discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of 2D/3D. The idea in would be keeping the game full 2D, at least at first, to prevent having to modify a large quantity of assets. If later on it seems possible to mix 3D elements with the sprites without them looking too out of place, then that would be pretty nice, too. I intend to use a fixed camera, which should help with that. For units in particular, 3D has some attractive advantages compared to 2D, as adding new animations can be quite a lot of work in pixel art, and the same goes for developing variations of units (for example, humans with different equipment). Pretty much the same advantages that the 0 AD team saw as being most attractive in 3D units. I am really fond of how 2D sprites look, but maybe with appropriate use of textures it would be possible to make models look relatively similar. Though the possibility of having 3D elements could be useful in the future, the improved pathfinding, multiplayer capabilities, and the strong commitment of the 0 AD team in further developing the engine are the main draws in the idea of switching Wyrmsun to Pyrogenesis.
  23. Thank you! Those two tickets are pretty much what I am looking for I wonder how difficult it would be implement ticket #72. Programming-wise, it's just me working on Wyrmsun. There are also two artists I commission graphics from. Thanks for the offer to help
  24. I am thinking about the possibility of transferring Wyrmsun to the Pyrogenesis engine, since it can provide better pathfinding, multiplayer capability and such than Stratagus currently can. Not to mention that 0 AD (and thus its engine) has a pretty lively community, which is quite nice. It would be a lot of work to change Wyrmsun to use the Pyrogenesis engine, but... I think it is worth it to at least look into. Regarding the water, the way its animation works could probably help. I think a big challenge could be to make the sprites be drawn "as they are". Contrary to other textures, they couldn't be just applied to a model, since that would most likely make them look strange. Unless the model were a square that somehow always changed its angle to be towards the camera?
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