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  1. I've tried it on svn version and it can be annoying sometimes with the mines : you're trying to put a storehouse not too close to the mine so the workers can work in between and the storehouse snaps right next to the mine. Also when you're putting your farms around your CC they tend to rotate when you move them too close to the mines, and you have to move them around your CC until they get their original orientation back. Same problem with the walls: any building you move too close to the wall turrets will tend to rotate around them. When you're playing iberians this can quickly become annoying. When it comes to farms, it seems that the snap option doesn't snap them as close to each other as they could be. Also I'm not sure I understand everything about this snap option: it seems that it works half the time : when moving a building around, sometimes it snaps, sometimes it doesn't, and it doesn't seem to be based on the distance from the edge. Also sometimes buildings rotate for no reason (I want to put a barracks next to a house, it rotates 180°).
  2. Nice feature. This will make housewalls easier. Will it be available in the editor as well ? Also, we need a similar feature when building walls next to cliffs and docks next to water edges. Perhaps also when building next to trees like suggested in an earlier post.
  3. Shouldn't this depend on the terrain the units walk on instead ? Make units slower in mud, snow and shallow water, faster on roads... I think there was a proposal for that.
  4. I don't mind the promenade as long as it is not cobbled. But the tree lines on each side of it clash too much with the fortified aspect of the city, IMHO.
  5. Very nice. The Gaia city looks a bit too round to my taste. This perfect circle makes it look almost futuristic. I guess it could afford some irregularities here and there. The round settlements are not shocking though, I guess it's ok to have something perfectly round as long as it's not too big. I don't like the trees on the outer edge of the ditch. If I was a city commander I would definitely have those trees cut down so nobody could hide in there. I would like to have a clean line of sight/fire for my men on the walls.
  6. Committing source files in a closed format (e.g. psd) is a shame though.
  7. The definition is ambiguous. When you start the game, you can set the pop cap which is a global setting, but only reflects the maximum pop "in normal conditions", that is, if you don't build or capture a wonder or don't use a faction that has special pop bonuses. For example with a pop cap of 300 you'll be able to go up to 350 with one wonder + the wonder tech, for most factions. For spartans you'll be limited to 270 until you get a wonder, for persians and mauryas, 330. I guess that if you capture wonders and get +10 pop each time the effective pop cap is theoretically infinite.
  8. No one dared to make that terrible joke, it's fortunate you were willing to bear that responsibility for us. _o_
  9. serveurix


    sorry little error .... LOL, what was that quote ? xD You're attributing me spanish skills that I don't have. x) Anyway, thanks for the update.
  10. serveurix


    Are you sure you haven't zipped the same replay twice here ?
  11. Take good care of yourself, and let your immunity system get stronger and it will give this stupid virus a big wallop that will make him go cry in his mama's dresses. Tell us when you get better.
  12. inb4 Lordgood goes crazy : ↑ he's talking about *actual* ponies
  13. I propose to explicitly write that the format of the posted necessary files should be open (that is : no .rar, no .ace or whatever closed archive format, only spec-compliant .zip, .7z, tar.{gz,bz,bz2,xz}, ...and no password-restricted archive unless this password is made public).
  14. Also the body should probably accelerate when falling. On the gif it looks like the falling speed is constant. As a result the zebu looks like a bad comedian trying to fake his death. Oh and the shoulder texture should blend with the main texture a bit better.
  15. Please don't use the rar format. If you really need heavy compression and you're on windows use 7zip.
  16. What are the colored helmets supposed to be made of btw ? Were they painted or was it some special bronze-like alloy ?
  17. Maybe the panache could be an animated prop (like the capes) ?
  18. I mean turrets in the gamecode sense of the term : the ability for a part of a model to shoot in a certain direction without rotating the whole model. That would allow the three archers to shoot at three different targets in three different directions while the elephant is facing a fourth one. Nothing to do with the wooden turrets on top of successor's elephants.
  19. Yes but the mounted archers will have turrets eventually so that's unnecessary.
  20. This seleucid chariot should have the seleucid emblem at the same place the persian emblem is on the other one. I also think the saddle texture should be modified to suggest there is a wooden curved bar that goes above the backs of the horses. Now it looks like all horses bodies have been pierced by that giant scythe.
  21. for walk relax I would have him holding his spear only in the right hand, perhaps having it rest against his shoulder
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