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  1. Hello Diva here, Have you yearned to fight in a fleshed out world of heroes and tales, to sling magic at your foes? Have you yearned to dominate the battlefield in a blaze of glory? Well look no further. You can join the Eluron community and help turn that fantasy into a reality. We are looking to build a small team to get the fantasy mod for 0 A.D. Rolling. If you would like to join the project please message myself or @Gocker so we can divide and conquer this hulk of a mod. Specifics for Artists: We need artists for all facets of the game- Custom UI - Need Asset Designer Races/ Custom Actors, Buildings, Particles, Textures - Need 3D Modelers Environment Design- lore-friendly maps Concept Artists- to translate the lore into reference images for the Modelers. ~Your Friendly Neighborhood Diva~ Development Discord link: https://discord.gg/9AGJ2ya
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