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  1. I just have a less than adequate built-in Intel chipset, so I am bound to have problems.
  2. Not having the FPS overlay on screws up all of the menu backgrounds.
  3. I would say so, I was also having this problem.
  4. This is similar to the problem I am having, only the main menu and skirmish menu backgrounds are black. system_info.txt
  5. Alpha 19 looks great, though one of my computers is having problems. The main menu background and other menu backgrounds along with the units and map are black, but everything suddenly becomes visible when on other pages like options, history, or the tech tree, or when paused in game.
  6. Between http://trac.wildfiregames.com and http://0ad.wikia.com/wiki/0_A.D._Wiki, 0 A.D. has plenty of wikis.
  7. Already implemented, that is what the 7 / 24 with the hammer next to it represents in Tango's screenshot.
  8. Units returning some resources on death actually already happens, but it isn't very noticeable since there currently isn't much of an indicator that resources have been gained.
  9. Ah, the sweetroll gag from The Elder Scrolls.
  10. I have a name, but it isn't exactly original, Silk Road.
  11. The Tessarakonteres or Juggernaut is the key large ship that is intended to be included for the Ptolemies, and to have Ptolemy IV increase the build limit on them from 1 to 5.
  12. Lion, my post is just a friendly suggestion to any member of the team about some cleanup of outdated tooltips, nothing more, and nothing less.
  13. Indeed, I agree that the economy techs shouldn't have been paired techs, but I still don't really understand why the temple tech pairs had to be separated and the Carthaginian mercenary tech pairs had to be removed.
  14. My post on page 148 has so far been ignored.
  15. I was interested in seeing an assignment system actually make it into the final version of a strategy game. Command & Conquer: Generals originally intended to do that, only to scrap it during development, and when Zero Hour finally added sub-factions in the form of unique Generals, they just ended up being separate factions in addition to the default factions. Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion also originally intended to make the Loyalists and Rebels sub-factions for each of the three races an assignment instead of separate factions, but they ultimately made them separate factions and removed the default factions. The only example of an assignment system I have ever seen implemented into the final version of a strategy game was the choice of Minor Gods at the advancement to subsequent ages in Age of Mythology. The one advantage of the separate civilizations with the same culture approach is the more complete representation of the unique qualities of each civilization. Even with that, it has still been a tremendous challenge to clearly represent the unique qualities of the Britons and the Gauls, at least in comparison between the Hellenes. Though the choice of the War Dogs or the Naked Fanatics, in addition to different champions and heroes, with the Celts in general having the Rotary Mill seems to be fairly effective. I do think it was a disservice to the Athenians and the Spartans to lump them together under the city-states moniker under the old plan, especially if the Thebans can eventually end up rounding out the major city-states.
  16. The Iberian mercenaries have always been my first choice, due the flexibility they offer, because other than swordsmen, cavalry spearmen, and cavalry archers, the Iberian mercenaries basically give the Carthaginians access to everything. Especially since I have never found swordsmen to be nearly as effective as spearmen, and that is what the Gallic and Italian mercenaries both offer in the form of infantry. And cavalry spearmen are technically available in the form of the Sacred Band Cavalry anyway, as Champions to boot, so one isn't really losing anything by not going for the Italian mercenaries. Which indeed makes the Italian mercenaries the least attractive option.
  17. Several unit tooltips haven't been properly cleaned up. Iberians Champion Cavalry Skirmisher Mauryans Yoddha War Chariot All three heroes Persians Babylonian Scythed Chariot Ptolemies Nabataean Camel Archer Nubian Mercenary Archer Seleucids Dahae Horse Archer Scythed Chariot Thracian Mercenary Swordsman Spartans Spartan Hoplite
  18. The really weird thing is, I have never had this problem before with any of the previous alphas on that machine. It sounds like this problem is the definition of bizarre.
  19. Other than preferring the use of the name Hellenes for the Greeks, I like where this is going.
  20. Yes, which I would have done something about, but it isn't easy without internet on that particular machine.
  21. I keep getting the following error, even after several seemingly successful attempts at installing Alpha 18. The really annoying thing is I have successfully installed Alpha 18 on one of my computers. pyrogenesis.exe - Entry Point Not Found The procedure entry point GetLogicalProcessorInformation could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll.
  22. Well, if I hadn't of pointed out to Mythos_Ruler that limiting the embassies to one greatly favored the train time reduction techs, then it just would have been the other way around. Of course, I favor train the time reduction techs instead of the metal cost reduction techs, because as long as I have health metal production, metal cost reduction is less important.
  23. That was probably the problem had, I will see if the current alpha works with my older integrated Intel GPU. Otherwise, I can play 0 A.D., but with a nVidia GeForce 6200 that has seen better days.
  24. Okay, why were the Cartheginian mercenary techs removed?
  25. Well, this should be interesting. I am not even sure I will be able to play this alpha, since the last alpha didn't seem to work for me. I could start the game, and the flickering of the main menu foreground I had been experiencing on one of my computers had been fixed, but matches refused to work.
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