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  1. My significant other is Shykre ^^ he's 6.1 ft tall, has clear brown hair, big blue eyes and a great voice (hes a voice actor after all). He has talent for saying the most insane things (shykreism) really fun and sweet person to be with. (been 2 yrs and a couple of months now) Unfortunatly i dont have a pic...>.>;; ^^
  2. 61% of my posts are in F&G If they counted, I'd have over 4k posts ^^ We decided to change that a while ago cause of the never ending thread like Three word story and such.
  3. *is almost the only girl here* *already has a bf* *shrugs* ^^ so yeah, match-making would not be very popular otherwise But I do think perhaps there should be a change in the name as to not confuse anyone.
  4. In no particular order : Uppy, Black Op, Tim, Curufinwe, CodeOptimist and of course everybody else ^^;
  5. May he rest in peace. And I also look forward to see how the selection will be conducted.
  6. yeah yeah >.< I got bad memory tis all And I don't visit the forums as much as I used to either. (Including all 12 others of them)
  7. Didnt fell for it ^^ but that's what was shown on the allakhazam forum...
  8. I remember too ! ^^ or do I ? >.> I have to check when I joined XD 1 october 2003 o.O well yeah I remember !! LOL
  9. I drop everything on the floor (backpack and stuff) Wash hands Change into other clothes Get on the computer to check e-mails and forums Eat and Drink Clean a bit, then get my backpack, unpack and start studying and doing homework.
  10. duh *slaps self* I know its a historic group, I should have thought of it earlier but all that came to mind was the manga ^^ sorry for the late reply... Nice detailed answer
  11. ....from Kenshin right ? your nick ? Welcome
  12. violence encourages more violence IMO... good thing you ignored them, i just dunno how i would have reacted myself...
  13. @Lorian : it means "bird" he just resolved the riddle^^
  14. @Curu : lol ! I also thought of something else Lying in my bed reading a book or sitting in front of my computer writing a story or playing a game
  15. legs crossed, arms crossed as well and i usually put myself against a wall.
  16. oh guys, if you need female voice acting I dunnot have alot of experience but i'd be happy to help anyway note : only problem is my free time. I don't have much of it. But you can throw a couple taunts/narration/other at me if you guys really need help
  17. akya


    *flames Paul* just for the heck of doing it ^^ *waves* I'm gonna try and be back more often to participate in the 0AD topics ^^
  18. my turn Le Loup et le Chien (The dog and the wolf) Un loup n'avait que les ost et la peau; (The wolf only had bone and skin) tant les Chiens faisaient bonne garde. (since the dogs guarded so well) Ce loup rencontre un Dogue aussi puissant que beau, (This wolf meet a dog as powerful as it was beautiful) Gras, poli, qui s'était fourvoyé par megarde. (fat, polite, who had gone the wrong path by error) L'attaquer, le mettre en quartiers, (To attack it, to put him in pieces) Sire Loup l'eût fait volontiers. (Sir Wolf would have done it gladly) Mais il fallait livrer bataille, (But he had to fight a battle) Et le Mâtin ßetait de taille (And the dog was big enough) A se défendre hardiment. (He'd defend himself boldly) Le Loup donc l'aborde humblement (The Wolf thus approaches him humbly(Sp?)) Entre en propos, et lui fait compliment (start a conversation and compliment's him) Sur son embonpoint, qu'il admire. (on his plumpness, he admires) "Il ne tiendra qu'à vous, beau Sire, ("It will be due only to you, beautiful Lord,) D'^tre aussi gras que moi, lui repartit le Chien. (to be as fat as I am, says the dog) Quittez le bois, vous ferez bien : (quit the woods, you better do) Vos pareils y sont misérables, (your kin are miserable here) Cancres, hères, et pauvres diables, (Dunces, wretches, and poor devils,) Dont la condition est de mourir de faim. (whose condition is to die of hunger) Car quoi? Rien d'assuré : point de franche lippée : (Because what? Nothing assured: no honest food (not sure here)) Tout à la point de l'épée. (All at the point of the sword.) Suivez-moi : vous aurez un bien meilleur destin." (Follow me : you'll have a better destiny) Le loup reprit : "Que me faudra-t-il faire? (The wolf replies : What will I have to do ?) Presque rien, dit le Chien, donner la chasse aux gens (almost nothing, says the dog, chase the people) Portant bâtons, et mendiants; (carrying sticks and beggars) Flatter ceux du logis, à son Maître complaire; (flatter thoseat home, comply to your master) Moyennant quoi votre salaire (In consideration of which your wages) Sera force reliefs de toutes les facons : (will be forced reliefs in all the ways) Os de poulets, os de pegeons : (chicken and pigeon bones) Sans parler de mainte caresse." (without speaking of the many caress) Le Loup déjà se forge une félicité (The wolf already forges his felicity) Qui le fait pleurer de tendresse. (which makes him cry of tenderness) Chemin faisant, il vit le col du Chien pelé. (During the way, he saw the dog's neck peeled) "Qu'est-ce là? lui dit-il. - Rien. - Quoi`rien? - Peu de chose. (What is that ? he asked. Nothing. What, nothing ? Nothing much) -Mai encor? - Le collier dont je suis attachße (But still ? The collar of which I am held) De ce que vous voyez est peut-être la cause. (of what you see, it may be the cause) - Attaché? dit le Loup : vous ne courez donc pas (Attached ? says the Wolf : then you do not run...) Où vous voulez? - Pas toujours, mais qu'importe? (wherever you want ? - not always, but what's the importance ?) - Il importe si bien, que de tous vos repas (It is essential, to the point that all your meals...) Je ne veux en aucune sorte, (I don't want any kind of them) Et ne voudrais pas même à ce prix un trésor." (And I wouldn,t even want, at that price, a treasure) Cela dit, maître s'enfuit, et court encore.
  19. alors donc en effet l'on peut ajouter certainement mais où et ni or ou de plus au moins euh...*runs out of ideas*
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