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  1. You can just focus on the wall in the back of the class...it gives the people the impression that you are looking at them while at the same time, you're not looking at them, thus it doesn't make you too nervous. I like Jeru's advice
  2. Well, in most cases. I'd tell them to set their life goals as early as possible to be capable of working for something/to reach something. By setting goals you can also identify later on whether you've been a success (goal reached) or a failure (goal not reached). Simple. That's a good thing I think we should also tell them never to actually try and evade the truth about their studies(e.g. They have to do an exam in two days) by doing other things to distract themselves. I know it cost me alot of good grades...
  3. Pay close attention to the advice of older people, they have more experience and they do know what they are talking about.
  4. I was always respectful of my parents wishes. Now, I sometimes make my own choices, but I also continue to take heed (sp ?) of the advice my parents still give me.
  5. me too I guess it's good when you control two languages and the people you talk to also know those two language. Then, when you don't remember a word in one language, you use the other.
  6. I'm fluent in french as well, being born in french province, having parents who also speak french. But I can say I also have a tendency to mix english and french.
  7. Aujourd'hui, j'ai couru dix miles (16 kilometres je pense) en soixant-deux minutes. C'était vite, et je n'étais pas très fatigué à la fin ! (Je crois que 'à la bou' ou quelque chose comme ça est la même chose) Alors, maintenant je dois préparer pour une presentation pour mon cours de français, me souhaitez bonne chance Et merci pour les corrections! je n'aurais pas tendance à dire "au bout"...à moins que ce soit : Au bout de ma course... on dit aussi : je dois (me) préparer [...](et) souhaitez(-moi) bonne chance BONNE CHANCE !!!!!
  8. lol... @andy : i was joking about the shower thing. duh, u wouldn't bring ur computer in the shower ! @lorian : don't worry 'bout it.
  9. paraphrise ? explain that word and I may be able to help you
  10. I started yesterday (initiation) so I have access to school computers now !! we're 120 students in electrical and computer engineering (sp?) combined. I'm one of the 6 girls in the electric engineering section...and there is only one girl in computer engineering so...talk about being surrounded by guys :P
  11. note that "un Québécois" is also a person who lives in Quebec lol but in that case, it was the language as Yiuel said
  12. the feeling of being better than others
  13. yep, it's good. But I for one, don't like Phelps thought he was wayyyy too arrogant to start with. But I do respect his skill in swimming
  14. I guess it's because people are used to write one shortcut and others...well the other one
  15. well I remain online for 15 minutes or so when I close this window... so well...since I cannot keep internet open...I'll wish you all goodluck beating the record
  16. well, sometimes, it's recorded for ppl who want to view it later that day (for them, in their timezone)
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