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  "TriggerScripts": [
    "skirmishes/YourTrigger.js", <-- this includes script to your map, path is relative to public/maps

In the script file, for example "YourTrigger.js" there need to be following section

	let cmpTrigger = Engine.QueryInterface(SYSTEM_ENTITY, IID_Trigger);
	cmpTrigger.DoAfterDelay(time, "nameOfFunction", {/*parameters*/}); <- if you want to trigger function with time delay
	cmpTrigger.RegisterTrigger("OnInitGame", "InitFunction", { "enabled": true }) <- I would prefer this one

In InitFunction you can bind more triggers

You define any function in your trigger file with Trigger.prototype.nameOfFunction

Trigger.prototype.InitFunction = function()
	this.RegisterTrigger("OnOwnershipChanged", "MyOwnershipChange", { "enabled": true }); <- bind to whatever On event
	// or call any custom function in Trigger

To give commands to entities use ProcessCommand function

ProcessCommand(playerID, anyCommandInJsonForm);

It is good to look into TriggerHelper file to see defined functions you can already use.

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