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  1. I am teaching AI to build palisade so I am colouring her steps
  2. Happens with and without glsl. Just had whole field like that. Should it not draw it all the time whatever camera angle is ?
  3. Happened just now (first time seeing it) and only with some angle of camera and position of field. Is this known or can someone reproduce this? when I rotate camera a bit it looks again fine. I have all graphic options disabled. Other build fields do not have that issue.
  4. @The Undying Nephalim Just remove Armour component from entity. Then it will not take any damage
  5. It was committed so I do not know what are you talking here about. https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP22203
  6. Angen

    0abc mod

    ai buidls new dropsite only if assumes it is worth it. basemanager 543 you may need to play with the numbers when it is worth because you just removed 3 other resources from equation ( as the main would calculate twice I think) And sure, there is dropsite to dropsite and dropsite to cc cutoff at some distance.
  7. Angen

    0abc mod

    c++ changes required see D1800, I may update it today to affect units and recalculate once per turn basemanager : findBestDropsiteLocation remove these lines for (let res in gameState.sharedScript.resourceMaps) if (res != "food") total += gameState.sharedScript.resourceMaps[res].map[j];
  8. Javelin is always better choice than archer here is why. Archer (dps) 6 pierce vs Javelinist (dps) 13 pierce Archer (walkspeed) 9.9 vs Javelnist(wakspeed) 12.6 Archer (range) 72 vs Javelinist (range) 24 Archer (spread) 3 vs Javelinist (spread) 4 Spread of archer at maxed range is 2.1 ( at range of javelinist 0.72 ) Spread of javelinist at maxed range is 0.96 With both units having 50 hp scenario looks like this. In case archer starts attacking at its maxed range he can deal 24 damage while javelinist gets itself in the range to fire. Now when both are at the same range, javelinist takes prepare time so archer can fire additional shot so situation is like this. Archer 50 hp, javelinist 20 hp. archer would die in 3.8s and javelinist in 3.3s ( with armour 1 pierce for both, it makes 4.2s to kill archer and 5s to kill javelinist, if archer lands all shots while javelinist is walking into range) But as spread for archer while javelinist closes into range is greater than 1, there is high probability archer will miss, what gives +1 second for javelinist to live, so archer needs in general 4 - 5 seconds to kill javelinist, while javelinist needs only 3.8 without armour. ( you can imagine what happens if javelinist gets first shot) ********************************************************************** Champions ********************************************************************* Archer (dps) 13 vs Javelinist (dps) 26 spread = 1 (both) Archer (walkspeed) 10.8 vs Javelnist(wakspeed) 15.75 Archer (range) 76 vs Javelinist (range) 28 hp = 120 (both) armour = 5 pierce (both) The same scenario as above. ( no armour ) Javelinist takes damage 39 => 81 hp Archer to be killed = 4.65 s Javelinist to be killed = 5.7 s (with additional hit while preparing) (armour) Javelinist takes damage 23 => 97 hp Archer to be killed = 7.8s ( -120hp) Javelinist to be killed = 12.14 s (with additional hit while preparing) (-84 hp) ******************************************************************************* Archer should overpower javelinist when he attacks first from distance. (same walkspeed does not make it)
  9. @gameboy there are a lot of problems he needs to fix, please be paitent
  10. Hi, I would like to ask if someone could find some time and create seeding animation? So then current building animation for farms could be replaced with it? Thank you
  11. @Loki1950 windows 10 detection is kind of broken and it detects earlier versions of windows instead 10.
  12. This can happen when AI has no entities on the map ( no buildings, no units) but is assigned to play. are you playing with a23b version of the game? What have you changed?
  13. @wraitii is currently rewriting some parts of unit motion system
  14. thank you for report, I found some more edge cases. Looks like most likely some part of texture is not rendered when camera moves and you are close to water level. But then it should be red. Or it is rendered with wrong projection matrix. This will take some time to figure out and fix.
  15. I know my patch alone does not solve it I will do more tests to see, can you tell at which situations it did not work? as reported redness in this forum thread is resolved for me with it. maybe it would be good retest with recent wraitii's changes in shaders
  16. Now thinking about it I have no idea how D1954 could affect it. Did you test vladislav patch with recent svn?
  17. @gameboy , @vladislavbelov, @wraitii I combined https://trac.wildfiregames.com/attachment/ticket/2692/TerrainRenderer.cpp.patch and https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1954. I could not reproduce red water thing. Could someone confirm that or tell at which maps does it happen ?
  18. Thank you for report. This is very strange behaviour. It is again refraction problem. It looks like very specific by angle. Last 3 I can reproduce without problem. First is a bit hard. One has to go with angle under water and then come back. My guess is that something is not cleared at correct way.
  19. that strange I tested yesterday with all water effects, but not exactly that maps, I try today again and let you know. On the last 3 pictures there is no water right? is it just under water level?
  20. "more visible" = it is red, not blue
  21. @gameboy try to update graphic drivers
  22. @wraitii good thinking, rP22297 just makes it more visible, it exists before that commit.
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