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  1. One of the Athenians strong points, which is their Dock trained Champions - Athenian Marine and Mercenary Archers - are instead locked behind Iphicratean Reform, which supposed to just make them trainable from their war ships. Nothing in the description of the tech says anything about locking the units altogether, just the ability to train them from ships. Dock doesnt always available to be built, so this in an edge for them which is otherwise is pretty subpar civilization. I do had noticed this bug in another thread from a month ago, but I'm afraid that report get lost in the shuffle so hence why I posted this again in the Bug Reports. I would love more for them to have any other buffs too, like maybe let their 10%+ Metal gathering /Phase to affect Stone gathering too, or to let these Dock Champions be buiildable in Phase 2 for some rushing strategy, which then can be protected with Athenian Walls to be build around them later, but thats more of a suggestion than anything. Thanks for everybody's work!
  2. And its done, that's all the Han heroes are done for now. It's been fun trying to learn to draw their scale armors. I'll work on them again when later theres helmets for them, but right now I just want to rest because of my afromentioned condition. So, sorry @Lion.Kanzen since I have to pass on that helmet for now. Even without it, I just never had real passion for anything Roman related, so I'd probably wont be prioritizing it anyway. I'll look into other ways I can contribute, just not without that much urgency these days.
  3. Oh dont worry, friends, I'm working on it, just a little delay since we unfortunately got a virus in the house and I had to relocate somewhere. Wish me and my family's good luck. I'll just make this one simple to keep up with the rest.
  4. I want to see how'd they look in the forums. I'm still winging in on the armor while basing it on a ref, but oh well,
  5. I am the copyright holder of original works I post in the Wildfire Games 0 A.D. Art Development forum. I hereby release all original works I uploaded to this forum in the past, and those I will upload in the future, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
  6. Well, Stan already said what I observed from past pages, so for now thats how that hero looks. Thanks for the hope that you put in me though, @Carltonus, I'll keep reworking them as you guys may add helmet or unique face (which these faces may help) in the future. Heres the sketch for the last two. For the middle guy, which I believe maybe Liu Bang, I had alternate look for the armors, which do you guys thinks suit the model/style better?. I'm impartial to the flapped collar one since that flapped collar + future helmet looks more regal, and I used that Last Supper movie for inspiration. I just give Wei Qing a more typical face to make a stark between the other two.
  7. How's this? I think there's little details here and there that can keep be pushed on, but since later models would strive to give the chinese heroes helmet, I think I can refine it for that time. Since I got some time, let's see if I can squeeze one more.
  8. Sketch for the leftmost guy.. Han Xin? I guess him wearing that cape/cowl might make him the fastest since I can cheat from drawing the proper armor for March 6 date. Will keep working on it.
  9. I see, and from what I gather from previous posts ITT, is that you guys mostly want them fully helmeted or as close as the finished model, right? How about I'll try making the middle guy on a neutral pose so that when the helmet or final look is updated, I can just add them? Who were their identities btw? I assume its the same as the on Delenda EST? so Han Xin, Liu Bang, and Wei Qing? Altough I don't know the order in that line up.
  10. Can somebody post the screenshot/model of how atleast the current Han Chinese heroes looks in game? If its possible, I want to chip in and help draw atleast one of them, if thats okay with you guys.
  11. I hope these cover all the potrait needs. I'm punching above my skill level while working on this so its been a great practice and pardon if theres lil weirdness here and there. I do always kinda want to make her slightly unconventionally attractive. I hope I can convey that with the slight lower jaw protrusion, the caked make up, and that nose because after watching Mortal Face take on her, I cant shake up to not hint a bit about her inbred family history.
  12. I just read that for A26 release the feature freeze is at March 6, so does that mean that for Cleopatra pic to get into the game, I need to submit it before that time? I'm still working on it, but I havent had much luck drawing that golden texture crown plus other real life endeavours. And with the new Han faction, I also had ambitions to draw them too, but we'll see what happens.
  13. Is it redundant to still ask who were the Han Chinese heroes and what their appearance like in game? They're only in dev version now, right?
  14. Leader suggestions since we're scraping the bottom of the barrel here Gildo - A Numidian rebel that rose in 400 CE and rallied the Garamantes and other desert tribes under him. Control+F for the name Gildo in this translated text https://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Roman/Texts/Claudian/De_Consulatu_Stilichonis/1*.html Iddibal, Iassuchtan, Iaremaban - Just some dromedary nomad merchants whose names were recorded to trade with the Roman's frontier fort of Bu Njem/ Gholaia in the reports of 253-259 CE. They're may not even be "Garamantes" in a sense, as even the people around those forts were adapting Roman surnames mixed with their traditional given names, but there's always those considered to be outsiders as the article put it - "We already noticed that the settlers along the wadis produced grain and oil for the soldiers in the forts. The army had not organized the transport of these products. On the ostraca, we encounter several dromedary-drivers, none of them belonging to the armed forces. Their names are interesting: although they must have had mixed names, like the Marchii from Ghirza, the scribes of Bu Njem recorded only the native part (e.g., Iddibal, Iassuchtan, Iaremaban), as if to stress that these merchants were less Roman than the soldiers." https://www.livius.org/articles/place/gholaia-bu-njem/bu-njem-ostraca/
  15. What I had so far. I'm somewhat tied to her being hooked nosed, and the inbreeding might have gave her slight ugliness that can be hidden well enough with stylized bust, but I also realized that, she looks quite haggish here lol. Especially her jawlines which I havent touch well. I'll keep working on it, primarily trying to make her younger looking, but still had those unique atributes. I should've check this thread sooner and just use those 3d models that I'd liked as a base, since those are pretty much my ideal image of her. Incoporated some of that 3D render above into the ref and I think I'm on the right track and doesnt have to start anew, so this is the base. I just went with something basic of that Isis headress since that pic also had the ref on how to draw the shine. Thanks for the support so far.
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