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    • What were u playing? a26? the development version? Using a mod? I had my mainlog balloon some when testing the vulcan backend on mac without the spirv mod. This was accompanied by a small army of pyrogenesis processes that ate up a ton of RAM. My mainlog only got up to like 10mb but if you have a high end computer I could see it going far past that.
    • It's now updated on mod.io
    • And let me stress again that the vassal territories abandoned by China do not mean that they can become sovereign and independent countries, on the contrary, they will become meat in the eyes of imperialist countries. After losing the protection of China, North Korea was first annexed by Japan, split again after World War II and broke out in civil war, and is still divided today (although the PRC tried to help Kim Il Sung defeat the "emperor" Syngman Rhee in 1951 and unify North Korea). After the ROC troops withdrew, Vietnam was quickly occupied by the French colonists who made a comeback. After that, they experienced a arduous War of Independence. After the French colonists withdrew, they fought against the American invaders for more than ten years. It was not until 1975 that Vietnam was unified. . After Ryukyu was abandoned by the ROC, it was first occupied by the United States, and then handed over to Japan for "management". Now the US military base in Ryukyu is a thorn in the eyes of the Ryukyu people. The Yunnan chieftains abandoned by China are now Myanmar's "ethnic local armed forces", and they have to maintain a high level of vigilance for a long time to defend against the attacks of the Burmese military government and protect themselves from the oppression of the Burmese chauvinism. In fact, during the republican revolution in 1911, the Manchurians and Han Chinese in the three northeastern provinces united to overthrow the Qing Dynasty, intending to be the founding fathers of the ROC rather than to establish an independent nation, because these people knew that the Qing Dynasty had betrayed them, and the three northeastern provinces were at a moment when they might be destroyed In the situation divided between the Russian Empire and Japan, "independent founding" means being annexed by Japan or Russia (in fact, the later "Manchukuo" was indeed the case, it was just a cover for Japanese imperialism to annex the three northeastern provinces). Obviously, this is because they think that It is much better to get along with Han people than to be ruled by Japanese or Russian colonizers (Mongols who chose to be independent in 1911 did not understand this, so they were ruled by Baron Ungern of Russia until Sukhbaatar led the Mongolian people liberated country).
    • Could you try the new 0.27.15 version?
    • See default.cfg in ps/trunk/binaries/data/config – Wildfire Games
    • If you think the Habsburgs and Poland Lithuania were also expansionists,then I can only say that I have never heard of this kind of expansionism. The struggle of ancient countries trying to maintain the old territory that lasted for hundreds of years is generally called conservatism rather than expansionism in our opinion, let alone China even It’s not even conservative, because China easily gave up many lands that could have been claimed, such as Vietnam after 1945 (ROC troops once stationed in northern Vietnam, and then withdrew after reaching an agreement with France), Mongolia (PRC agreed with Mongolia Independence, warlords who fled to Taiwan once recognized Mongolian independence but later backed out), Ryukyu (the US tried to give it to ROC but was rejected) and Burma (PRC ceded part of the Tusi territory in Yunnan province to Burma) .
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