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I don't understand the rules of garrisoned units combat


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I'm stuck in Alpha 23, but I'm not sure that things really changed in new versions.

So, I know that units garrisoned in some buildings (towers, town centers, castles) do fire missiles, but I don't understand at all if the nature of the unit changes anything to it.

If I put women in it, missile troops, or melee troops, does it change anything at all ?

Do missiles troops garrisoned inside a building have their own fire range or only the fire range of the building (i.e., is it useful to garrison long-range missile units) ?


Also, what do garrisoned units inside a wall tower do ? On top of a wall, I know what they do (die quickly) but inside the wall tower ?

In a siege weapon (especially the siege tower) ?

In a ship ?

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Garrisoned units just increase the number of arrows fired from a building. It's not like an individual unit is firing from that building.

I don't entirely remember how A23 handled it, but i think the major change to A25 is that only military units are considered to add to the number or fired arrows from a building.

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Posted (edited)

So, that means that if I have a choice, I'd better put non-missile units inside the building and have the missile units retreat and fire from afar ?

Also, is there a way to find the number of missiles fired by an occupied building ?

I know to find the maximum and minimum number, but the actual number at a precise moment ?


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