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what is map size in meters? tiny, normal, med, large, etc?


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Based on this screenshot I assume that 1 tile equals 1.5m:

On 26/02/2019 at 2:57 AM, DanHart said:

I came across the wireframe mode in Atlas and I was wondering about the purpose of the grid lines. I noticed this in AOE2. Are they related to pathfinding or mainly for map organization and structure proportions?

0 A.D. Gridlines.JPG

And the map sizes are defined in map_sizes.json. So we would get:

  • Tiny: 192m
  • Small: 288m
  • Normal: 384m
  • Medium: 480m
  • Large: 576m
  • Very Large: 672m
  • Giant: 768m
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1 minute ago, smiley said:

A little bit lower at 4 meters.

Where is that value from? At least the screenshot shows something else...

33 minutes ago, Stan` said:

There are ? I think Egypt 3v3 is that size.

I was referring to 2.5 km, not 512 tiles / Giant map size :)

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The Atlas grid lines are showing tiles. The emphasised lines show 16x16 patch borders.

Its an engine constant, https://github.com/0ad/0ad/blob/6f02aadf5b3ae6996a3fbf6a10a18ec22a406ad9/source/graphics/Terrain.h#L40

There is a scale discrepancy so not sure if calling them meters is actually accurate. But they are called meters which should be read as Pyrogenesis units.

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