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Welcome Zeus147 ...

147, is that you birth date or your street number?

No, if you look on the numpad it has a pattern with 147, I just did that to remember my name easy. :)

Jared, hmmm...are you King Jared?

Sadly, I am not. :-(

Ah hey Zeus! I remember you! I think you got into DGDN when I left.

How are things over there?

Things have been great! I am now a moderator overthere. :) I have also hit over 1,000 post. Make that 1,200 posts. :)

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How much do you know already about the games we develop? Might as well give you some additional information if you like.

Very little, but I going to stay over at DGDN, no offense. ;)

Oh, if you want to add me in the birthday list, my birthday is April 5, 1988. :)

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