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Can you write *blindly* ?

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Yes, I write blindly 99% of the time :P I think I usually get between 40 and 60 WPM :P

Now, who can write with their eyes *closed*? (without looking at the monitor) I'll try:

I'm writing with my eyes closed right now. I'm not going to correct any spelling mistakes, to see how well I do. La la la, la da dee... time to open my eyes now :P

:P Wow, thought I made a few mistakes there... (I honestly had my eyes closed the entire time!)

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This is all with my eyesd closed. No mistakes corrected.

I make my friends mad when i lokk strain\ght at them while i'm typing, instead of using the monitro.

(ok, so that wasn't as good as I hoped, but i type better looking that them in the seat next to me rather than my eyes closed :P)

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I used to be a terrible typer, but now I'm really good actually. I'm in a keying class in which I seem to be the best keyer by far (btw the class is required, I'd never take it otherwise). On the first day I keyed 100 words a minute for a test (I think it was a one minute test, not sure though). And I just typed all this without looking at the keys once. :P

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