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  1. chipotle doesnt make burgers, sorry man but you didnt have the real thing
  2. i wish i was italian, i love thier sport, i think i could win the gold in that.
  3. i LOVE chipotle, and if i ever happen to meet black op in person i will drag him to a chipotle and jam one down his throat. jk i voted for the first one of course. that is the coolest avatar ever sam CHIPOTLE FOREVER
  4. i talk to my littl brother ph4ntom all the time, hes kinda cool sometimes.
  5. who else in the forum is happy that it is finally spring. Its 65 degrees up here in norheren MN so im sure its nice most everywhere else. except maybe canada. well tell me whats your favorite thing to do in the spring.
  6. i like the "we need a mate club." then all the lonely men here could tell our sorrows together.
  7. dads usually want their son to date but not their daughter, thats what its like for me
  8. well if you read my posts from friday you would see i kind of already did
  9. yeah, her parents didnt think we were right for each other so she decided we shouldnt date anymore, we are still friends but no more.
  10. they are actually trying to ban fishing in some areas.
  11. i like curufinwe's idea for the adult site, i mean the post card idea, yeah that one. or a case.
  12. People Eating Tasty Animals just kidding, its really people for the ethicle treatment of animals
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