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On 07/04/2021 at 7:05 PM, Player of 0AD said:


*Cough, cough*

Notice that no palisades were (ab)used by this player !!!!!!!! 

This is clearly an invitation for the enemy to come and try to take the civic center down.

To me this demonstrate a high sense of morality and ethic by this player who wanted to assess the strengh of the combination fort/civic center with the only aim to try to comment on balancing posts in the forum!

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1 hour ago, faction02 said:

To me this demonstrate a high sense of morality and ethic by this player who wanted to assess the strengh of the combination fort/civic center with the only aim to try to comment on balancing posts in the forum!

Looks like he was just scared of his neighbour. ;)

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Hello again everyone!

I had an idea today to improve the "archery tradition" tech available to some archer civs.

I think it should return to being a tradeoff tech like in alpha 23 but with some changes.

  1. 0 resource cost and instant research: a decision kinda like the seleucid champion infantry research
  2. add a drawback and a bonus with an overall effect depending on the situation in game (not necessarily a buff or nerf tech)

The idea is to make archers with archery tradition beat other archers like in a24 by a significant (not OP) margin, but increase the vulnerability of them such that more units or buildings are needed to protect them from melee cavalry or melee inf. 

potential combinations of improvements and drawbacks: 

  • +10 meters range BUT establish minimum range (5 meters) where the archer would go to attack units further away.
  • +10 meters BUT reduce HP (a little)
  • +10 meters +15% damage BUT reduce HP(a little) reduce pierce and hack armor (a little)

I think that if archers were nerfed in a25 to a reasonable level, then this upgrade could give some options to civs that would usually get archers, like mauryans. If a maur player is against a cavalry civ, or a civ with no archers, it is smart for that maur player to choose regular archers. But if the maur player is against regular archers, such as carthage, then it is smart for maur player to get archery tradition. But if a25 makes mercenaries balanced and effective (but still more expensive), then the carthage player could pull a surprise by investing time and res into merc shops and merc uprgades and mercs and showing up with mercenary sword cav.

Balance considerations: getting this tech would have no repercussions like less training time from cc or resource cost (like a24) hence it should not be allowed until p3.  Archer cavalry maybe should not be affected by the change, depending on the combination of buff and nerf chosen by the developers for the upgrade.

I posted this here because there are many good ideas for a25 here and because I could find no other channels related to a25 that were open to public contribution.


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i downloaded it this afternoon and playd a couple of matches  with it, i really liked the upgraded mercs from the get go , makes them distinct and usefull , exactly what should set them apart from citizens . Cavalry having a buff to their health is nice although i would see certain spear cav having their damage increased such as the companions for makedon  but maybe it would make more sense to buff the spear cav of  civs that don't have any other melee cav as the  sucessor states to make their cav a bit more all rounder . As for the counters , well age of myhtolofy seemed to it pretty wel especially with the greek ones wich i have put the link bellow


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