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hey, my name is Shadowflare, well, that's not my real name, but it's my screen name, and anyway, i just signed up for these forums a couple days ago.

excuse my lowercase typing. i'm from the aokh modpack forums, and it isn't stressed there.

i'm kind of a Tolkien nut, though i don't know nearly as much as certain people here do, and i think TLA will go far. :)

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thanks for the welcome guys.

well, it ain't tla, but you can download it here:


but i'm doing some serious rework on it now. so you can either download that whole entire thing, or wait for the retooled version without glitches, which is coming along far faster than it did the first time around. now that we have the graphics, chaning some things around isn't too hard. :ph34r:

you if want a real good aok middle-earth mod, the brother of a certain project head is doing great work.

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thanks, i can use all the luck i can get. ;)

wow, i'm reading the info on this place. these forums are way cooler than at aokh. reputation, currency, and a lot of stuff that still makes my head spin, but i'll wade through the rest of it. i know that this is going to be the greatest tolkien fan project of all time when finished. :ph34r:

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DarkAngelBGE , whew, that's nice to know. there are some great people there, but there are also some that i would avoid like the plague. i like the people here so far and look forward to my attempt to become an active member of this community. first, i'll need to do my homework so i come off as truly uninformed about the current progress as i actually am. :ph34r:

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