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It's funny that I actually expected your next post to contain the phrase "common sense". When you get totally devastated by facts and arguments, what else can you do than trying to dismiss that using vague phrases? Maybe also add some more emoticons for emphasis? Of course, you can also try putting words into my mouth and end it all with unsolicited life advice. I take this all as an unusual way of expressing agreement through an emotional denial.

There are some more facts for you:

  • It's just you who regularly refers to this gold / silver / bronze classification. Also, I've never seen anyone except yourself claim that you are a "silver player", yet there is even a thread where several more reputable disagreed with that. It's just you who obsessively puts it in every other post. This makes me think if you even responding to me, or if that's an argument you are only having with yourself.
  • Things don't become a fact when you repeat them more often.
  • Saying that you don't care about the TG performance after we just discussed just that based on the replays you posted doesn't make the results look any better for you.


BTW, Stockfish, sorry about hijacking your thread. Hope you are enjoyed.

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the idea of gold , silver, bronze and ceramic , is that any level is about being roughly twice more numerous than the sum of the previous ones

gold : 3 players  - top3   - Feld , borgus, Val

silver : 7 players  - top10  - JC, Fish, Schweinpriest, decger, physic, fpre , bodusa

bronze : 20 players - top30 - chrstgtr, Boudica, Wendy, Havran, Ricsand, berhudar,  dakeyras, Obry, faction02, ElDragon, eskro,  phoenixdesk, Rorrosaar, SaidRdz, Rauls, roscany, Carthage, xtreme022, Obi, Rollo

ceramic : 70 players - top100 -       ....


On 05/01/2021 at 10:18 AM, Boudica said:

Also, I've never seen anyone except yourself claim that you are a "silver player", yet there is even a thread where several more reputable disagreed with that

But yes, i think a competition could be nice to elect the 7 silver players of 0ad could be a great idea.  I accept the challenge

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3 hours ago, JC (naval supremacist) said:

i think a competition could be nice to elect the 7 silver players of 0ad

Regardless of how much I disagree with the motivation. I'd love if players in that range could find some time/do some effort to participate in a borg-feld-val-less competition.

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The real idea of coming up with with brackets of such arbitrary sizes is so that you can hope (based on your other arbitrary rules and the small number of active players) to get included in a top category and keep saying that you are higher class than specific other players.

I can clearly see how you had problems finding who to put in the silver category to also omit me, but it's ridiculous how you include several other players that don't have a history of beating me more often than not. I don't also need to be a psychologist to see that your inclusion of roscany is rooted in your denial of my previous claims about the imbalance of some of the games you posted.

Either a display of your developing insanity, or a lame attempt at trolling. I don't feel angry writing this, I just feel that it barely is worth commenting on. I think I might be up to participating in a tournament hosted with normal settings, fair-play enforcement and badosu's balanced maps too.


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Yea folks, stop arguing, and start fighting :D Will be happy to spec that tournament. 

By the way, attaching a game where DoctorOrgans should have won as a silver player. Lost, but quit without resigning (not cool) :D 



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I'm not surprised that the meme character has problems choosing which button to press. He's been presented with two choices that are both well-known to be incorrect (to anyone except DoctorOrgans).

Sorry to disappoint, badosu, but it's hard to make a comeback. Without greatly lowering my standards for a discussion, that is. After being proven wrong in everything he says, DoctorOrgans switched to expressing himself with irrelevant pictures. Perhaps my simple English, which he considers to be of an academic level, failed to convey the fact that I'm actually willing to participate in a tournament. I seem to be unable to say that in a way he can understand, but that might really only have to do with the conflicting fantasy he is living in his head.

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Rauls: da real pride of 'tier 3'/'Bronze'/'whatever'.
faction02: unknown potential
StarAtt: pls stop playing SC2
theotherguythatplaysSC2thathaspotentialsbuthaventseenlately: ditto for above
Decger: only ever seen one or two 1v1s in imba matchup, crazy potential



Not accounting for the players that have improved leaps while I've not been specing consistently for the last 3 months, e.g. dakeyras v BoredRusher on mysticjim yt

Really a shame (for spec fans and casters I guess more than all)

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It's making me sad that my fact checking of DoctorOrgans claims is viewed as taking part in the flame war. This reminds me of the saying "If you argue with an idiot for more than five minutes, there are two idiots arguing", yet still one thing is arguing and the other is refusing to accept that there are lies being said about you.

Perhaps a better solution would be to request to ban him from the forums. I can't really even remember seeing him post anything helpful, or on-topic. It's just three things on repeat, regardless the topic. Let's see what the admins think about calling other members boring, putting words in their mouth, telling them to get a job (thanks, I am self-employed and doing well). I don't think such behavior helps the community.

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  • Stan` unpinned this topic

Physic, since i  dont keep all my replays i wouldnt be able to find out .....    oh .. but ..  let me see ...  Marine ...  naval ..   aaah i see , you talking once again  that naval map i gave all my metal to allies because they had none  -   while you were feeded like foie-gras to spam boats in order to take over all the islands.


Please be fair physic, and show what a fair  naval  2v2 gives






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On 5/1/2021 at 19:18, Boudica said:

Es curioso que en realidad esperaba que tu próxima publicación contuviera la frase "sentido común". Cuando te quedas totalmente devastado por los hechos y los argumentos, ¿qué más puedes hacer que tratar de descartar eso usando frases vagas? ¿Quizás también agregar algunos emoticonos más para enfatizar? Por supuesto, también puedes intentar ponerme palabras en la boca y acabar con todo con consejos de vida no solicitados. Tomo todo esto como una forma inusual de expresar acuerdo a través de una negación emocional.

Hay algunos datos más para ti:

  • Solo eres tú quien se refiere regularmente a esta clasificación de oro / plata / bronce. Además, nunca he visto a nadie excepto a ti afirmar que eres un "jugador de plata", sin embargo, hay incluso un hilo en el que varios más reputados no están de acuerdo con eso. Solo eres tú quien lo pone obsesivamente en todas las demás publicaciones. Esto me hace pensar si me respondes, o si esa es una discusión que solo tienes contigo mismo.
  • Las cosas no se convierten en un hecho cuando las repites con más frecuencia.
  • Decir que no le importa el rendimiento de TG después de que acabamos de discutir eso en función de las repeticiones que publicó no hace que los resultados se vean mejor para usted.


Por cierto, Stockfish, lo siento por secuestrar tu hilo. Espero que lo disfruten.

Don't worry Boudie, that low must be awnsered :D

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