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  1. @mysticjim is your fgod-style mod available to download, or is it still in development? Sorry if you mentioned this in a video and I missed it.
  2. Thanks @Stan`, this fixed the problem Unrelated note of something I discovered: if the a24 graphics seem sort of low contrast / greyed out for you compared to a23 - you can uncheck "fog" in settings to clear it out at higher zoom. Made a huge difference for me. Also, it's a bit hidden (imo) but you can disable auto-formations by right clicking "no formation."
  3. I'm experiencing a weird bug with camera panning on a24. Putting the cursor at the top and left sides of the screen pans the camera, but if I put the cursor too "far" on the right and bottom sides then panning stops. There's a certain zone at the edge of the screen where it works, but in general panning in those directions is broken. Has anyone else experienced this? (Let me know if there's a better place to put bugs like this.) Edit: tested on a different laptop and it's working, so maybe just need to tweak something on the machine
  4. Other idea, smurf tourney, may the best smurf prevail
  5. 0 suprise this turned into a Boudica <> jc flame war. Agree with @badosu it would be fun to see a silver league tournament, to settle some of these "rankings" and see how op some under/unrated players are (I still don't think I have a handle on @SaidRdz rating for example)
  6. Yep the first point is mentioned here: https://github.com/dpikt/pop-chart#limitations. And good point on deleting units, I didn't consider that.
  7. @Freagarach definitely open to submitting a patch, but I'd like to resolve the above issue first!
  8. @badosu good call on the dogs. That will make the count quite inaccurate in games where Britons players go with that strategy. Overall, the mod as-is is kind of a hack... ideally population count would be added as one of the player state "sequence" stats so we could get a more accurate number. Unfortunately that's a little beyond my understanding of the game code at the moment, but I'll take another crack at it this weekend. Also happy to merge a PR.
  9. @mysticjim I'd been looking for that same feature (Population Count) for a long time with no luck, so I created my own mod for it. Check it out and let me know what you think!
  10. Download here: https://github.com/dpikt/pop-chart A mod that adds a chart for total population to the game summary. I couldn't find an existing mod that did this so I created my own I haven't tested it out on any machine other than my own, so let me know if you have trouble running it. Any other feedback appreciated as well. Cheers!
  11. @ffffffff would it be possible to push the latest experimental version to a github branch? I can install the old version of the mod via the instructions here but I can't do that for the latest. --- EDIT: figured it out. Just changed the extension on the latest version to .zip, unarchived it and was able to follow the instructions above.
  12. @maximumentropy Sorry you've had to deal with this so much, if I see you online I'll hit you up for a 1v1
  13. @user1 My username: dpikt Opponent username: indio1515 commands.txt metadata.json
  14. @user1 My username: dpikt Opponent username: hamdich commands.txt metadata.json
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