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What Are You Reading Right Now?

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The sequel to the "What Are You Listining To Now?" Thread. :) Name any books you read in your leisure time or any you have to read for school (besides textbooks) right now. For me:

Leisure: J.R.R Tolkien; Return Of The King

School: Nathaniel Harthorne; The Scarlet Letter

Isn't that fun? :) What about the rest of you?

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Ten currency to the person who can name the movie that connects these three books. :)

Not sure - but: The Pianist ?!

Anyway... what am I reading...

- "The Roman Army" by Peter Conolly (quite an old book but very interesting)

- "Developing a database driven website using PHP and mySQL" by Kevin Yank, mostly using it for reference on my PHP scripts.

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I'm reading this topic right now.

Eh, not much, i don't read books that much, cept The Bible.

Recently read books:

Driver's Manual (does that count?)

Left Behind

An occasional computer game guide

Ten currency to the person who can name the movie that connects these three books.

Um, just naming off the ww2 movies i know:

Miracle at Midnight


Hart's War

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

Pearl Harbor

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I'm reading:

Jacob van Maerlant: Spiegel Historiael (written in 1284 or thereabouts)

Hans-Christian Huf: Mit Gottes Segen in die Hölle (about the Thirty Years War)

Jonathan Israel: The Dutch Republic 1477-1806

Alan Palmer: Napoleon in Russia

(several authors): Het Leids Ontzet; 3 Oktober 1574 (about the siege of Leiden and the legens surrounding it)

J. B. Smith: Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, Prince of Wales

Jansen: Geschiedenis van de Middeleeuwen (History of the Middle Ages).

(several authors): Thans bonst het grof geschut (about the siege of Maastricht, 1748)

Hella Haasse: Het woud der verwachting (the only novel on my list; it's about the French in the period 1390-1460).

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I only read books for school. The rest of my life is spent reading things in everyday life. I will ocassionally read an encyclopedia (Encarta is the best, i have 2003). I actually find the info in them quite useful. More so than any book that i have read. In school though, i have to read, To Kill a Monkingbird which really isn't that great becuase i don't like the whole story in general. The English and grammer is horrible since it takes place in the South, (Ya'll, i ain't, c'mon,) and the grammer and spelling is therefore anoying as hell if you ask me. That is all i have to say.

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