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  1. I read too many books. It is impossible to pick a favourite.
  2. On msn, I have a total of 149 people in my contact list. Perhaps it's time to sort out a few, as that's only 1 away from the max
  3. Cool Fok.nl is on number 12, I visit that site daily Seriously though, Fok has more than 70 000 registered members that actively post, and that's only on number 12. I can't really see how you can reach the top 20...
  4. On the site it explained it, Darkangel. Apparently 80% of the people my age with about the same height (in the US) weigh more than me.
  5. I weigh 57kg, and I'm in the 20th percentile. Not unexpectedly.
  6. It was Saint andrew who was crucified on an X cross; this is why to this day the Scottish flag has an X on it (seeing as Andrew is Scotland's patron saint).
  7. Afaik it's not done in German nor in Dutch, however I did notice that Tim does it, but I think he's the exception rather than the rule in this case.
  8. What famous Dutch composer? None of the great composers were Dutch, but there's quite a few pretty good Dutch composers, like Johan de Meij, who made a concert based on the Lord of the Rings (this was long before the move was made ). He made a lot of other musical pieces, too, and is really quite well known here. We have a couple of his CDs.
  9. I work in the supermarket, it's a great place for watching people. Half a year or so ago, at our supermarket there was a presentation of coffee, the company had brought a coffee machine which was to be operated by one of their employees. At the end of the day, she stopped with the presentation and, before taking away the coffee machine, she went to the loo or something, letting the machine stand there. A colleague and myself were working on our department and saw a man walk up to the coffeemachine (which was switched off), he pressed the button to get a cup of coffee, but nothing happened, as it was off. He stood there waiting for his coffee for some time, felt the machine to see if it was warm and working, held his ear to it to hear if it was on, etc. Eventually he went away, then 5 mins later reappeared to see if his coffee was ready We had a good laugh over it, without him noticing of course Yes, the supermarket is a great place to watch how people behave.
  10. The Henry V soundtrack by Patrick Doyle. Great stuff.
  11. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt
  12. DA, I found both Teutoburger and Teutoberger Wald as the name given to it, but now I indeed noticed that Teuteburger is also used; though I only found it associated with the modern day area, not with the German battle. The general name given to the battle in English seems to be Teutoburger (for example the standardwork A guide to the battlefields of Europe does so); as Teuteburger Wald appeared in none of my English sources and in only a few German sources (apart from the modern day place name) I chose not to use it. Three different possible names, and only one battle Complicated
  13. I'd make a movie based on the Guerre de Hollande in which Louis XIV tried to conquer the Netherlands. I'd probably make a mini-series of it, though, as I want to tell it all I'd centre on the political games of the participants. There was no one who played fair back then, but Charles II deserves a special mention as a real traitor and breaker of promises.
  14. I think CelticHeart didn't write the article at all; he just collected it and showed it to show the "Trojan legend", forgetting that it wasn't merely a description of the legend but also an argument in favour of creation. Anyway, expect an article by me soon
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