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How Did You Reach The Wfg Forums ?

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Haha, I am of the oldest livin' things around here :P I was like wildfire's 4th or 5th member in its long history and have been around since then, looking what you guys do :D I have known 3 WFG forums by now: the ooooooold ezboard forums where 0 ad was born and lived lactation, the heaven games one, and this one

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Im another WFG fosil I was about on the aok and I used to work with dire_wolf on aok mods and stuff before WFG was even established.

I made the rival rome mod to RAW, ARLTR. It was started earlier but we made the mistake of not having a team so me and TVS basically tackled a project biger than RAW alone. LOL but we finally got it done, and Im off topic now.

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I learned about the LotR Mod (josef's time, before Adam I think - I remember the first time he posted, prolly had shown josef already, the awesome Noldor [movie based] unit!) through HG. Of course, I was just a eager fan until it was a good ways into a game and Adam hired me smile.gif

Same for me.

Hey Elf, remember that huge thread in the 'Projects' forum about the mod? That thread was practically a forum on its own. Pity that the role-playing game kinda ruined it for a while :)

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