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===[TASK]=== Improve hero portraits

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Iber hero Caros.

Hello! Here are my contribution. Just jpeg on this post to show what i drawn. CC are welcome ^^.    I forgot: https://we.tl/t-E5dirNJUrR source files Iphicrate Pericles

Fixed what @Loki1950 pointed out in regards to Cunobelin's potrait, and I scaled it up a bit as well. Also, I'm including here the Gaul hero Vercingetorix. The tools, as always, are: MakeHuman, B

Posted Images


  • blurry logo on the helmet
  • the face is a bit blurry. Check the techs for colorizing black n white photography, one can change the color of the pixels while keeping the brightness and contrast the same, thus not modifying the facial structure at all.
  • not sure if you want to portrait them exactly as they were, but if so, then
    • the nose doesn't match
    • the eyebrows should become visible too
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  •  I need use the Eagle made by Enrique time ago.
  • I can use HDR method to give some.
  • I try to portrait like they are represented into the game, yes. I can't  portrait all, only some, Romans for example, they are my favorite faction.

The  nose was by my painted version, only merge both and start to fixing...

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10 minutes ago, LordGood said:

If you read the brow of the statue, his head is tilted, yet his helmet is on straight. 

I liked the shadows focusing on the eyes in the first one too


Yes I notice that... I try to fine later.


the first look like a experienced leader may be l save for later. 

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