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Bulding Snapping Feature

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I've tried it on svn version and it can be annoying sometimes with the mines : you're trying to put a storehouse not too close to the mine so the workers can work in between and the storehouse snaps right next to the mine. Also when you're putting your farms around your CC they tend to rotate when you move them too close to the mines, and you have to move them around your CC until they get their original orientation back.

Same problem with the walls: any building you move too close to the wall turrets will tend to rotate around them. When you're playing iberians this can quickly become annoying.

When it comes to farms, it seems that the snap option doesn't snap them as close to each other as they could be.

Also I'm not sure I understand everything about this snap option: it seems that it works half the time : when moving a building around, sometimes it snaps, sometimes it doesn't, and it doesn't seem to be based on the distance from the edge.

Also sometimes buildings rotate for no reason (I want to put a barracks next to a house, it rotates 180°).

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10 hours ago, serveurix said:

Also sometimes buildings rotate for no reason (I want to put a barracks next to a house, it rotates 180°).

This is the major annoyance for me. I hope this can be fixed for Alpha 24. If so it'll be looked at as a great addition to the game, even if there are a couple minor bugs remaining. 

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Correct me if I'm mistaken, but the snapping is supposed to align nearby structures, thus mandating the same rotation. So if you want a different angle, or a difference distance to a mine, then don't press Ctrl (or press it if you've the reverse setting enabled).

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I would not expect snapping towards a building when holding the preview near it. I would only expect it to snap away from the existing building (or terrain that can not be built upon) when the preview is placed over it. That is such an obvious thing to do so no modifier key or option should be needed. Keep it simple!

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13 minutes ago, wraitii said:

i don't think so, but I did notice that also.

I've made a ticket to make sure we won't forget about this too easily: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5807#ticket


This ought to be fixed as the buildings generally look better from their preferred side.

Right. While gameplay is not affected per se, there is a "front" and "back" to the actors. Thanks for the ticket. 

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Work is occurring here.


Thank you! As someone who plays nearly everyday, this visual bug has driven me crazy. ;)


There seems to be a bug in the diff though:

Building preview shows correct orientation right until placement, and then they flip. 

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