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==[Development]== Nuzwasu (cheat unit)

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1 minute ago, Stan` said:

You need to add a spec map, with alpha transparency. The more transparent the image is  the stronger the effect is. However it's not a light source, so it will not be perfect.

As the other maps are made once the texture base is obtained, and to highlight details such as brightness or details that protrude from the surface something like a relief. In this case stretch marks, such as those on the golden part.



Resultado de imagen para colossus protoss

Resultado de imagen para starcraft 2 protoss units

Resultado de imagen para Tron lightingResultado de imagen para Tron lighting

Is it possible to create neon and color player? (at the same time) or light + color player?


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2 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

Is it possible to create neon and color player? (at the same time) or light + color player?

No currently you cannot. I asked @vladislavbelov some time ago, and he said he'd look into it if he had time. It's only a missing material, (and the code with it) but technically it's doable.

For an example you can look at the stella_artis mod.


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Okay so currently

  1. Diffuse:
    • RGB as color
    • Three modes :
      • Alpha as transparency, (basic_trans.xml and others)
      • Alpha as player color (player_trans.xml and others)
      • Alpha as color (objectcolor.xml)
  2. Normal: (DirectX normal)
    • RGB as Normal information
    • One mode
      • Alpha as parallax height
  3. Specular
    • RGB as specular color + specular intensity (the lighter the more shiny)
    • One mode
      • Alpha as glow intensity

BUT glow + player_color not supported

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testing Photoshop 3d  Tools.


Hey there there is no need for the Nvidia tool anymore in Photoshop CC you have an integrated tool under Filters>3D> Generate Normalmap.

This will make your image a normalmap instantly like the Nvidia tool use to do and in my opinion it dos a better job then the nvidia tool.

You got the same tool for Bumb maps under Filters>3D> Generate Bumb map.


I hope this will help you even though its not the tool from Nvidia.


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