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==[Development]== Nuzwasu (cheat unit)

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2 hours ago, Yekaterina said:

Drugs? Please do not implement drugs or any other adult content into 0AD because some players are not 18 yet. 

Let's play with real skills and strategy instead of cheating or DDOS. 

You know there is a WWII warplane in the game right? Also a dragon.

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Yes I am aware that there is a WWII airplane in the game and I have flown it. I don't think it is very strong; I can do more damage with a few siege towers + Demetrius Besieger or Cleopatra Philopator. 

I don't know why it is there and all hosts would turn cheat off for multiplayer games. 

Anyone who types "give me pizza" or anything like it will be banned. 

I guess you can add a new game mode. But we must balance the cost and attack of these aircrafts.

I have not seen a dragon nor an elf in the game yet. How do I summon them?

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