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===[COMMITTED]=== Horse Update 2.0 (Retexture)

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Hi folk from 0.A.D, This is the surpirse: Proudly present the Retexture (Also remesh) of the horses in 0.A.D.  Introducing more colors variety and the alpha channel hair for manes and tails

Yep, i don't know how i get there, neither how i end finding that way of making it works.  

In my journey without internet after 80h whitout power, i made the Mount/Dismount Animation. if i anyone on the gameplay mods done are willing to use it, they will be included in the horse update mod

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3 hours ago, Angen said:

@Stan` could you please check horse of athenian trader? I noticed today its main and tail are not synchronized mainly with idle animations. 

I'll check it, the laptop im using is  "operative". However im not sure how long it could stay like that because as my Dad wich fixed the charger for me said: "This one works for that laptop but they broke faster than the original one". I just played yesterday the alpha 24 svn version after a long time whitout having pc but i mostly get harassed by 2 players 2vs1 when i play vs IA and they never let me get a market trade route :LOL:

If you have an screenshot of the issue better, But if its in atlas its a bug in character animation sync and not directly related to horses mane/tail/armors.




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Just did a quick check on atlas, bug with the unsync animation was this:

Animation sync works like this; Being horse "A" Tail/Hair/Rider "B" Trader Cart "C", horse props takes the animation timing and variant of the Horse "A" But being The trader cart the primary actor and having animations directly in the main actor and not in a secondary actor (variant) it forces the order/timing of the animation.

So it works like this: Animation playtime C Force > A To play Animation X > A Tell Wich animation play following C.

Also both horse idle and trader cart idle, need to be the exactly same amount of frames, trader cart has an idle of 20 frames, and horse 60 frames. Being Trader idle the primary animation forces the horse animation to play only 20 frames of its 60 frames.

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44 minutes ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

to make proper variation with multiple horse props  (like for stables or chariots) you have to make new mane and tail actors for each horse prop (with new corresponding variant names). 

All of them already added, included for horse breeds in the update and that issue was already present in the first horse update with the armors and peytrals, just that nobody was aware of it because the body movement was always the same, only the head was different.

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21 hours ago, Alexandermb said:

@Enrique i want to know your thoughts on this project. You started the rework so i want to know your opinion.

Went throught the thread and overall very nice work.

I know how daunting may be tackling a task so big ;) .

My planning for the horse rework that I was working on didn't involve so many texture variations (which by the way your material setup for creating the textures provides a lot of versatility), and definitely didn't plan to do separate meshes for manes (at least not for the initial implementation). So in that sense you really went ahead ;) 

Another different route I took with my take on it was that I got a bit carried away when I was working on it and developed a setup with ragdolls that controlled the bones to allow me to make very cool death animations with no effort at all... also it was fun as hell :P !! I think I recorded a video that should be around the forums somewhere lol.

I also planned to use the ragdoll setup to record several foot unit deaths variations, not only cavalry (I think I just made one lazy animation for the unit deaths) - The ragdoll setup was so cool that it allowed me to create like "strength amounts" for the joints for the unit props... i.e. : A unit holding a shield was more likely to drop the shield when falling from the horse, since the fall was harder than a unit falling from standing stance. I still have the setup blends (which I think I uploaded?).

I hadn't time to download latest 0AD yet... so I haven't checked the horse animations. From texturing point of view they look cool and with a lot of variation. The only nitpicks I'd mention is the horse body being a bit too long - making overall a bit too big compared to the unit size. The other thing I'd mention is that I didn't see any normalmap being applied? or maybe the screenshots didn't show it properly?

Either way, pretty solid work (y)

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