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Millennium A.D. - Alpha 23 Release Discussion


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40 minutes ago, tlauick_19 said:

I had the same problem, the Anglo-Saxons have an incredible spam of pens do not build them, and I happened to play as Byzantines had a wall and a door and units above the adjacent walls but when the enemies arrived they crossed my wall without problem and had to be closing and opening the wall automatically, I do not know if it stayed open at the time of uploading the units you see

yo tuve el mismo problema , contra los anglosajones tienen un spam increible de corrales no llegan a construirlos , y me paso que jugando como byzantinos tenia un muro y una puerta y unidades arriba de los muros adyacentes pero cuando los enemigos llegaban cruzaban sin problema mi muralla y tenia que estar cerrando y abrriendo el muro automaticamente  , no se si se quedo abierto al momento de subier las unidades tal ves 


@stanislas69 you can tell to mimo about this issue about spamming unfinished corral with Anglo-Saxons.

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updated changelog

Millennium AD 0.23 Changelog


·       Update GUI and actor files to be compatible with vanilla 0.23 Alpha (s0600204)

·       Maintenance updates and fixes since last release (leper) (s0600204)

·       Use folder.DELETED for backgrounds (leper)

·       Update the home menu logo (wackyserious)



·    Implementation of Byzantine faction (template, actor, aura and other files) (wackyserious)

·    Cataphract cavalry armor (Alexandermb)

·    New byzantine textures and tweaks (wackyserious)

·    Byzantine shields and helmets (Alexandermb)

·    Add lamellar + Chainmail armor (wackyserious)

·    Tagmata Helmet (Alexandermb)

·    New chainmail textures and Oval shield textures for Byzantines (Lordgood)

·    Byzantine Paramerion (Alexandermb)

·    Add new cataphract rider texture (wackyserious)

·    Byzantine fishing ship (wackyserious and Alexandermb)

·    Update Byzantine AI names (wackyserious)

·    Byzantine Houses (Alexandermb)

·    added Byzantine Bow (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine Parma shield (Alexandermb)

·    Lamellar texture variants (wackyserious)

·    Byzantine helmets - Burgh Castle

Archer Feathers (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine coifs update and basic helmets variants (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine a and b (Lion.kanzen)

·    Byzantine Civic Center + Eyecandy decorative building (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine fences and columns (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine Barracks + Blacksmith (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine Storehouse + Dock (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine farmstead (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine Market (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine corral (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantines - Added Walls Eyecandy and Skirmish Temple Blacksmith update Old blacksmith modified as armory (Alexandermb)

·    New Byzantine Emblem (Alexandermb)(Lion.kanzen)(wackyserious)

·    Byzantine round and plain oval shield (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine spear flag (Lion.kanzen)

·    Byzantine Chi-Rho symbols in Scutatoi (Lion.kanzen)

·    New Byzantine Elite unit textures (wackyserious)

·    Add Byzantine portraits (wackyserious)

·    Byzantine defence tower (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine quiver (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine sentry tower (Alexandermb)

·   Byzantine 1st Dromon (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine bireme (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine Greek fire ship + template naming schema for other civs ships (Alexandermb)

·    New Byzantine elite unit textures (wackyserious)

·    Byzantine ram (Alexandermb)

·    New dyed padded cloth textures for Byzantine infantry (wackyserious)

·    Byzantine axe + concentric helmet (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine Merchant & Fishing Ship (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine traction trebuchet (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine Fortress (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine Wonder "Hagia Sophia" (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine cross (Alexandermb)

·    Byzantine trader (Alexandermb)

·    Chainmail coif full face variant for swordsman (wackyserious)



·    Enabled Brixworth church (Anglo-Saxons) (Alexandermb)

·    Anglo-Saxon defence tower (Alexandermb)

·    Offa of Mercia (Anglo-Saxon Hero) - Infantry Swordsman (wackyserious)

·    Anglo-Saxon banner (Lion.kanzen)

·    Anglo-Saxon axe animations and fixes to barracks and houses (Alexandermb)

·    Anglo-Saxon Crown (Alexandermb)

·    Anglo-Saxon Sutton Hoo helmet (Alexandermb)



·       Implementation of Carolingian faction (template, actor, aura and other files) (stanislas69)

·       Enhanced Carolingian structure texture (Alexandermb)(wackyserious)

·       Frankish tunics (Dyed) (wackyserious)- Based on the depictions on the Stuttgart Psalter

·       Carolingian kite shield textures (wackyserious)

·       Carolingian elite unit textures (wackyserious)

·       Carolingian aventail helmet and caro civ enabling. (Alexandermb)

·       Enabled Cathedral of Aachen (Carolingians) (Alexandermb)

·       Added Carolingian infantry spearman and another props for Carolingians. - Adventail B Coil (Alexandermb)

·       New Carolingian church/dock/towers - Sentry Tower, Defense Tower, Church, Dock, Scaled Coil helmet aventail B (Alexandermb)

·       New Carolingian armor textures - Scale armor and long byrnie. (wackyserious)


·       Basic dyed tunics for Carolingians (wackyserious)- Colors are based on the Stuttgart Psalter depictions

·       New Carolingian structure texture (wackyserious)

·       Carolingian unit portraits (wackyserious)

·       Add Catholic priest textures (wackyserious)

·       Carolingian priest portrait (wackyserious)

·       Carolingian armorican cavalry armor - Added armorican cavalry (carolingian champion cavalry), Added ao to church actor. (Alexandermb)

·       Add Carolingian female citizen textures (wackyserious)

·       Carolingian royal dress texture (wackyserious)

·       Add Carolingian champion cavalry unit portrait (wackyserious)

·       Add Carolingian champion infantry (wackyserious)

·       Add Carolingian trader (wackyserious)

·       Carolingian siege trebuchet (Alexandermb) Carolingian banners (Lion.kanzen)

·       Carolingian walls Part 1 - Added walls, long-medium-short-tower (Alexandermb)

·       Carolingian walls Part II (Finished) (Alexandermb)

·       Add Carolingian fishing ship (wackyserious and Alexandermb)

·       Carolingian market+ corral (Alexandermb)

·       Carolingian traction trebuchets (Alexandermb)



·  Norse tent eyecandy- Addition of Norse tent's for eyecandy usage (Alexandermb)

·  Norse ships updated - Drekar Added, Karvi Added, Knarr Updated and Snekkja Updated. (Alexandermb)

·  Norse Ram + Eyecandy fence + tweaks (Alexandermb)

·  Norse sentry tower (Alexandermb)

·  Dane axe (Alexandermb)

Norse elite textures rework (wackyserious)

Changelog Millennium AD 0.23.rtf

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5 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

Well depends on why Petra spams it

It has class "barracks" its even weird that petra needs to spam it. It could be because of the technologies but even whitout them they spawn it so maybe is just related to the naming schema of the template file:
i'll make a test renaming stables to barracks and viceversa and see if the barracks starts being spammed.




Edited by Alexandermb
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Indeed is related to the naming of the file "stables" petra don't know what to do with it yet. Petra handle the name files before handling classes, i've realized this with the ships named "drakkar" "snekkja" petra didn't know how to exactly handle them so they build snekka instead of drekkars, but renaming to Trireme, Quinquereme Petra works better using the strongest ship:







Edited by Alexandermb
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Am I wrong or was there no house in the tests ? If so, I believe the error comes from the fact that Petra think Stables mean House, so as houses are the number 1 priority in the list, they keep spamming these as making a stable don't have the effects intended from a house (Petra expect a population cap increase, which never comes).

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On 6/10/2018 at 5:48 PM, Arcana33 said:

Am I wrong or was there no house in the tests ? If so, I believe the error comes from the fact that Petra think Stables mean House, so as houses are the number 1 priority in the list, they keep spamming these as making a stable don't have the effects intended from a house (Petra expect a population cap increase, which never comes).

They builded a few houses, but changes to petra can't be done at this point and neither would worth because stables and other buildings are likely going to be implemented for petra in latter release.

So, theres any civ with special unit training building they use before i completly disable stables ? @stanislas69 Petra build gaul taverns?

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17 minutes ago, asterix said:

@stanislas69 some not very good screenshots for norse and Carolingians plus few nevest errors , also if you play as norso on fjords you get some other error about some mace head proppoint or smth beside what is attached there. Millenium AD latest version.




F2 To take screenshot and here in forum you can upload.

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