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===[TASK]=== Greek Unit Texture (General Thread)


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On 15/7/2017 at 4:57 AM, wackyserious said:

@Lion.Kanzen Thanks! Can you upload the .psd or .png files of the cleaned patterns here? That would be very useful :)

Give sometime this last two years I haven't time to work for you. I need give some order my art folder is a chaos.

@stanislas69 you have a repository only for art that I could use for my files, is possible?


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On 7/15/2017 at 6:59 AM, wackyserious said:

@wowgetoffyourcellphone What about the length of the Hellenistic tunics? Did the tunics remained short during that period? (m_tunic_short vs m_tunic_long mesh)

If the tunics were still short, then I will have to re-adjust the textures of the Diadochi Greek settlers

Just some knowldge:

Hellenic = Greek

Hellenistic = After Alexander spread the Greek across the world


So, Hellenic tunics should be short. Hellenistic tunics would be long, FOR THE MOST PART. Of course there would be overlap and I am being simplistic. But it would be a simple way to distinguish the two looks.

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58 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

@wowgetoffyourcellphone I believe that I have included everything in the zip (I have also included some of the outdated textures in the zip, the colorful linothorax variants are in there)

Download: 072717 - Unit Textures.rar



I think there was a tragic misunderstanding. I never meant to imply the Greek tunics shouldn't have a belt, only that the belt style you were using was too modern.

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On 12/29/2014 at 12:31 AM, Lion.Kanzen said:

Im Working with the Linothorax



I think this image will work, :) I will just clean one side of this image to extract the abdomen pattern, then copy the layer and flip it horizontally. Thanks :)

I will then set it to multiply and apply it to the leather material texture in order to incorporate it into the current .psd

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