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23 hours ago, stanislas69 said:

@Le Druide Gaulois What was that building supposed to be ?

I read that Tang Dynasty used fortified temples.


:jawdrop:thanks so much for modeling that concept of mine! You made it look increible! This was suposed to be the civ center for the Part-II (or even Renaissance) Japanese. I modeled it after some dojo structures.

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The wooden base is indeed quite lengthy, though the footprint is not bigger than f.e. the Athen dock. Maybe you could shorten it a small bit and put a pile of barrel / crates somewhere in the middle of that wooden base to make it a tad better looking?

A big thumbsup to the Anglo-Saxon blacksmith btw, it looks incredible! :thumbup:

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Is there any possibility that as the player advances in age the church may grow and changes its form (Age of Empires style)? Or perhaps it stays the same, but if the player wants to build a second church it will be bigger and in accordance of the architectural style of the age/stage it was built.

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