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On 11/20/2016 at 7:32 PM, stanislas69 said:

Regarding Agema helmet...





Please take a look on how the helmet fits in the head in the following reference, the bottom edge line of the helmet should end very close to the eyebrows and the face guards in each side must extend to the chin. The model in this render looks like it's a very small helmet that doesn't fit enough (just look how high the helmet rests in the head)

Also some geometry on the visor to break the straight pointiness of the form would make it look better.





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Slave Market by StanislasDolcini on Sketchfab

@Lion.Kanzen Here is the slave market. In the zip file, game ready files, only missing the template, cause I don't know what are you guys up to.





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Just now, stanislas69 said:

@wowgetoffyourcellphone There are a few three slaves one prisoner, and one slaver + garrisoned and projectile

Niiiiice. I might play with it and get something nice.


A request: Use the Ptolemaic merchant ship as a base and edit it for the Kushites? Mainly need projectile prop point, etc.

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