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Alpha 19 Name suggestions

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darnit, i was going to suggest salamis. T.T

Salamis would be great if a19 was focussed on naval warfare. I'll withold my good ones, (mattering on the alphas focus - if it has one)

for now however....

Saepenumero - repeated. Doing something again and again.

Like constantly repackaging new builds? :P


Sol, Solus, The Sun. Maybe even Sol Invictus, which was eventually adopted as the roman sun god (from syria). But that was early empire, not republic.

If someone can find an S word about Discipline, Or motion, it would fit with This ticket. Which I think would be a big part. :P

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Nah, we're not going to use a name like that for an Alpha =)

Though on the topic of using a personal name for an Alpha, maybe we should name the W one Wood (if we reach that high a number of Alphas, but I think somewhere around there is probably what we'll end up with). In memory of one of the first and most influential members of the team: Ken Wood ( http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showuser=63 and the low usernumber should tell you something of how early he was a part of the team), who died in 2006. But that will have to be decided later, I just wanted to write it down so it's easier to remember.

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So no stan? :(

I'll get the shovel, and we can bury stan tonight?

To lions suggestions...

Saturnalia would be fantastic if a19 came out in december. :P

Also, Strategos (or strategoi) would be great there was more emphasis on military/formations in the alpha. ;)

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Posted · Hidden by Itms, April 18, 2015 - This is a "duplicate" of another topic he opened in the same forum
Hidden by Itms, April 18, 2015 - This is a "duplicate" of another topic he opened in the same forum

sorry but you can add legionnaire to roman faction in alpha 19 ??? because i love them :D i see legionnaire not available in random map it only scenario :((

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